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Exciting News: Beaux Raymond and New Boyfriend Expecting Child

Dinesh Shrestha


Beaux Raymond eventually found her love again after she announced her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Harry Johnson.

Beaux and Harry broke up in 2022, and then recently, she shared a picture with her current boyfriend. In addition, the adorable couple is expecting a baby.

Anticipates Arrival of Child with Boyfriend

Beaux Raymond recently announced that she and her boyfriend were expecting a baby.

The happiness and excitement that she couldn’t hold into were visible on the pregnancy announcement post that she shared via Instagram in July 2023.

Raymond posted a short video with her boyfriend, including an ultrasound and pregnancy kit, which showed she was pregnant, and a t-shirt where she printed the due month of her little child.

“A secret that is just too hard to stay silent on,” she penned. She professed that the butterflies that he gave her turned into little feet.

The little happy family is adding a new member in February 2024. For years, this had been a huge want for her, and soon enough, she would get the honor of becoming a mother to their little miracle.

“First came love, then came you, baby Jones due February 2024,” she stated. Netizens flooded with the comments “congratulations” in the comment section.

Made Relationship Official in April

The TV personality is hiding her boyfriend’s details from social media but constantly shares her intimate moments with him.

Raymond made her relationship official in April 2023 by sharing a video with him. “A long time coming, but I’ve finally found my one, heres to the future, my darling boy,” she professed.

Then after she shared a number of pictures on social media. However, she has been hiding his profile. So, one user said, “His profile I see you, beaux, you don’t want anyone creeping up on him.”

The couple seems madly in love with one another. Although she has already moved on, some fans seem stuck with her previous relationship.

What might be the reason behind her breakup with her ex-boyfriend?

Reason Behind Beaux and Harry’s Breakup

TV personality Beaux Raymond found her boyfriend, Harry Johnson, during the third season of Too Hot to Handle and won the show. The couple claimed a huge prize pool of $90,000 money.

Unfortunately, the lovely couple ultimately split up from each other. Netizens might be shocked because they were so invested in their relationship.

During an Interview with Still Watching Netflix, Raymond, and her former boyfriend divulged that they were not together. The host asked, “Are you both still together?”

Raymond instantly replied while laughing, “NO.” Again the reporter asked, “Why did you end? What happened?”

She replied that it was hard for her to be with him every single day. However, she professed that she was still in contact with him.

Later the host asked him to cover his ears and questioned her, “Would you get back to Harry?” But immediately, she said, “NO.” The same question was asked to him as well, but the answer was the same.

The couple had a good bonding from the beginning of the show, where they had a quick click-in just after a few days.

But, after winning a huge prize pool money, the pair split up the money and ultimately ended their relationship. Any solid reason was not given by the couple, but they said that they had a hard time together.

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Both Had No Regret about the Show after Split

Fans have known the reason for their breakup during an Interview at the season 3 reunion. She spoke to US magazine that she didn’t have any regrets about the show.

Furthermore, she explained that everything she did on the show, she was happy with it. She wouldn’t have changed it because she wouldn’t have been her.

But ultimately, something else might not have resulted from it if it hadn’t happened. On the other hand, Harry was also happy with the way things all went.

He thought that everyone had a lot of closure in the conclusion. He professed everyone handled everything very well, and whether things went south, they went north, whatever direction, everybody seemed to come out of it happy.

Further, he added that they were always just themselves and did not have to fake anything, and he thought that was the best part about it and wouldn’t change anything going back.

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Instantly Clicked after Entering the Show

Beaux and Harry fell in love despite having other people on their minds at first. The couple couldn’t touch each other as there was no sexual contact.

Beaux described her first impression of her co-star as being that “he wasn’t as tight when he first walked in.” Later their bond got stronger when they began to get into bed together and had pillow talk.

Raymond thought that their first date was when he said he liked her. Every day was different for them, and gradually, they just got better.

Meanwhile, Harry detailed that he stretched from his comfort zone on the show. His most struggle on the show was coming out of his shell.

Beaux Raymond with her boyfriend Harry Johnson [Photo: Facebook]

He hadn’t dated any girls for three years, and he always went for the same type of girl. So, he told me himself look wise and stop being shallow.

There, the couple’s bond went from strength to strength. Therefore, he thought, why not invest his time in this girl and that’s what he did.