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Jonathan Roumie Dispels Rumors About Wife and Kids

Dinesh Shrestha


Celebrities’ personal life often become topics of rumors. As they prefer to keep things lowkey, people speculate about everything, including wife, kids, upbringing, and others.

Likewise, The Chosen star Jonathan Roumie’s personal life has also become a topic of rumors. While he has been secretive about it, several rumors have circulated on the internet. He eventually responded to those rumors and speculations.

Roumie Debunked Wife and Kids Rumor on Instagram Live

Jonathan Roumie eventually found that deceptive information had been shared on the internet multiple times. In addition, netizens even periodically asked questions about his marriage.

Therefore, answering the public questions, he debunked the rumors in an Instagram Live video. As per the rumors, he was married to Diane in Canada.

Jonathan Roumie [Picture: Instagram]

So, he said, “I don’t know who that person is, I don’t know where that came from. Apparently, we have a child I have not met. So, that’s not true. I’m not married to anyone,” he stated.

Furthermore, he professed that he didn’t have kids. Interestingly, that was not only the rumors about him. They have also speculated another marriage speculation on social media.

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Roumie Marriage Speculation With Hannah

As an actor, a single image with someone might lead to numerous rumors. Just like that, people believed the actor was married to a woman named Hannah Vanorman.

As per Hollywood Mask, the speculation started after a wedding registry created on Bed Bath & Beyond’s gift registry page surfaced on the internet.

However, the page has now been removed from the website. But it was too late since people had already begun spreading the information, leading to another marriage rumor.

However, the speculation is totally false. While looking at Vanorman’s Facebook Profile, it seems like she is his fan girl, as she also posted several of his movie posters.

Also, as he recently stated that he does not have a wife, it proved the myth to be completely incorrect.

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Rumors of Roumie Dating the Director Maria Vargo

Besides the marriage speculations, netizens even started rumors that he was dating Maria Vargo. Maria is a singer-songwriter, speaker, producer, director, and head of G.K. Chesterton Entertainment.

Roumie and Maria have appeared together in G.K. Chesterton Entertainment’s multiple videos. This led people to believe that they might be dating.

The duo has also worked together on The Last Days: The Passion and Death of Jesus the Christ, where he played Jesus and Vargo played Jesus’ mother, Mary.

They have numerous times gone live on social media together. However, the has been no indication from both of them that they were dating.

While the actor has chosen to keep his current relationship status private, he mentioned during the Interview with Spiritual Direction in 2020 that he was in a few relationships when he was young.

They talked about his faith and how his faith in Christ increased and became significant as time passed. He stated that he never felt connected to any woman he was in relationships with in the past as he never felt spiritual connections despite them being Christian.

The actor thought that part highlighted in his life how important his faith was and how much it became a part of his identity.