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Nimesh Patel Is Married to a Real Estate Agent

Himal Ale Magar


During one of his stand-up comedy gigs, Nimesh Patel revealed that he was dating a white girlfriend. He joked about being in an interracial relationship.

Well, that relationship has now changed into marriage. He is happily married to his lover Amy Havel, who now goes by the name Amy Havel Patel. They were together for a long time before putting a ring on it.

Nimesh and Amy’s Marital Life

According to LiveRampUp, the couple got married on May 2, 2020. The pair was together for a long time before exchanging their wedding vows.

It has been reported that Nimesh’s wife uploaded a picture with him in January 2015. In the photo, he can be seen holding her firmly by her waist and giving a happy smile.

Furthermore, given the fact they are an interracial couple, Nimesh received mixed responses from his fans. One TikToker user posted a video on the platform where she shared her experience regarding the subject.

According to the video, the user asked the question Nimesh if his wife was white. As a reply to her question, somebody responded to her, saying, “Ya she white. Out of all the things that’s what you notice?”

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Nimesh Patel’s Wife Is a Licensed Real Estate Agent

According to her Instagram bio, Nimesh’s wife, Amy, grew up in Brooklyn. Further, she described herself as someone who loved to fall asleep at a reasonable hour.

She currently works as a licensed real estate agent at The Agency RE based in New York. As per her post on her Linkedin profile, she has worked in the marketing industry for more than seven years.

Amy further expressed her excitement about pursuing a career in the real estate industry.

Amy Havel Patel [Photo: Linkedin]

Before joining The Agency Re, she worked at Whalar for two years, and there she fulfilled the role of Campaign Manager, Associate Director, and Director.

Additionally, Mrs. Patel also worked at HBO as a Program Marketing Assistant for three years. She started her career as Product Design Associate at Capelli New York, and then joined RPG, Building The Retail Experience as Project Coordinator in October 2015.

Regarding her educational background, Nimesh’s wife, Amy, earned her Associate of Arts in Merchandise Product Development degree in 2009.

Moreover, Amy received her Bachelor’s in International Trade and Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2011.

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Nimesh Patel | My Wife Doesn’t Like Indian Comedy

In one of his shows, he talked with two of his audience who came to see his show. The comedian engaged with the pair, Jason and Hillary, and asked them a series of questions.

While he thought they were having a date night, they later revealed that they were on a “friend night.” Nimesh went on to joke about their relationship with each other.

Additionally, Nimesh asked Jason about his wife, to which he responded, “She does not like Indian comedy.”

The comedian hilariously replied to the statement, saying, “She does not like Indian comedy more than she does not like you hanging out with Hillary?”

Nevertheless, Nimesh is a writer and comedian based in New York City. Over the years, he has written for SNL, Hasan Minhag, Oscars, Awkwafina, and much more.

He has been performing for over ten years and is mostly known for Saturday Night Live. Nimesh has been rising through the ranks as one of the most demanded comedians touring the country.

Through his ability to capture attention and joke-telling talent, Nimesh has been soaring through numerous comedy clubs and major theaters across the country.