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Lily Marston Is Perfectly Happy with Her Weight Loss

Binesh Shrestha


Lily Marston is perfectly happy with her weight, for a fact. What bothers her is just some people have the audacity to comment about it.

Well, things seem to have started in December 2016 when a girl named Erika Baird asked if Lily was the chubby one in the group. It has been some time since then as the fans asked the YouTuber to reveal her dramatic ‘weight loss journey.’

Simple Trick for Weight Loss

As stated above, many people are still asking Lily to reveal how she lost so much weight.

Well, as per Lily herself, she only lost maybe 25 pounds over literal years. To achieve that, all she did was start doing exercises and drink less, which apparently wasn’t that good enough.

Unfortunately, she also had an eating disorder and was lying to all.

Lily Marston tips for losing weight. [Source: Twitter]

One of her tweets suggested Lily Marston’s weight loss journey started in January 2017.

Could it be one of her New Year’s resolutions was to lose some pounds? She tweeted a collage photo of her captioned “January vs June,” and people could clearly notice the difference.

In another tweet, Lily answered humorously when asked about her weight loss journey. She said, “Less pizza and more mcdonalds double cheeseburgers.”

‘Weight loss’ isn’t a new topic for the beautiful YouTuber. She has been addressing fans’ questions regarding her weight loss for years. She has even asked people to stop criticizing someone for their weight, and she was proud of her weight gain.

Lily has always been confident with her body and never once thought that she was fat. In a YouTube video, she said,

Personally, the reason I started losing weight, was not because I was trying to lose weight, it was because I was just trying to like walk to feel better.

Lily also has a fast metabolism. She has said she starts gaining weight the moment she stops working out and loses weight as she continues doing it again. She was previously thin, but most people saw her when she had gained some pounds,

Surprisingly, one user even asked why she did surgery to lose weight, and she looked much better previously.

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Some People Are Concerned about Her

Though Lily has said she has lost merely 25 pounds, there were people who were asking if something was going on with her noticing how skinny she became. Some were also worried, stating she looked sickly.

lily-marston-concerned-fans (1)
Fans are concerned over Lily’s weight loss. [Source: Reddit]

Not just her body’s shape, but people have also stated that her face and skin looked different too. Lily might not find it too alarming, but it looked like many people genuinely thought that she might be going through something.

Considering how active she was on her social media handles, Lily Marston seemed to be doing pretty much fine.

According to one user, Lily drank almost 10 Dr. Peppers a day. All in all, she has changed her diet and probably cut back on her previous eating manner.

In the end, it’s only up to the YouTuber herself to reveal if she is indeed suffering from any illness,

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Lily Is a Well-Known Youtuber and Podcaster

Lily Marston does a lot of tasks besides answering fans about her weight. She is a popular YouTuber and runs a successful podcast channel, Do We Know Them?

The long-time creator and her friend Jessi Smiles are the hosts. Looking at the 80.5K subscribers they have on their channel, it is evident that they are prospering well.

However, Lily has not been uploading on her original channel, as her last upload was a year ago.

Many might not know this, but Lily is also interested in photography. Her Instagram account @thelilzlens is a testament to her photographic skills. On the other hand, she hasn’t revealed much about her love life, and she is a mom to her little dog Mr. Max.