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Has Mat Ishbia Divorced His Wife, Emily?

Himal Ale Magar


Mat Ishbia’s wife, Emily Ishbia, has been a big part of his life as they have spent a long time together. She had supported him throughout his basketball career and business ventures.

Mat Ishbia With His Children [Photo: Facebook]

However, as per some reports, the pair have separated for undisclosed reasons. Besides, there were speculations surrounding their fallout, as some believed Mat was caught up with his work and was not able to prioritize his spouse and children.

What Happened Between Mat And His Wife?

Both Mat Ishbia and Emily prefers to keep their personal life away from the limelight. So, not much has been shared about their married life.

While several online sources have claimed that their marriage has come to an end, they have not made any announcement regarding it. However, Emily’s Instagram tells otherwise.

As per the report by TheNetline, Emily has been romantically involved with Alex Hodi, who is a 27-year-old martial artist.

Mat Ishbia With His Wife Emily [Photo: Facebook]

The blogger and model has been featured on Alex’s Instagram posts on multiple occasions. The two had gone skiing and cave exploration together.

Similarly, Emily had mentioned Mat on her Instagram account, which is currently private. In the post, she wished him a happy birthday.

The caption read, “Happy birthday to @alexhodi. My ride or die. Always willing to: supporting me as a mom, dream chasing, being the best supporter, helper, and friend to my children, design lover, decor shopper, all the things. Thank you for being you.”

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Does Mat Have Any Children With Emily?

Mat Ishbia and Emily got married in 2014, as per the report by Sportskeeda. The couple was together for eight years before separating.

The two had been blessed with three children. Their sons are named Ben Ishbia and Joey Ishbia, while the daughter is named Jamie Ishbia. Regarding her motherhood experience, Emily shared her thoughts with Hourdetroit.

As per the report, Emily said that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was a difficult experience for her. She believed that having children was something she expected to be a natural part of her life at the time. But it didn’t necessarily mean that it was as easy as it looked.

Emily With Her Children [Photo: Facebook]

Emily further expressed that she went through IVF for two of her three pregnancies, and the third was a miracle as she was told that it was impossible for her to get pregnant any other way.

Nonetheless, she gave birth to three healthy babies, who are growing up having a wonderful time. Mat and Emily often share adorable snaps of their children on their respective social media.

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Who Is Mat Ishbia’s Wife?

Mat Ishbia’s spouse is a blogger and a model. She completed her education at Michigan State University in 2003. She worked as a freelance model from 2008 to 2017.

Further, Emily has been the model at Emily Ishbia Modeling, LLC, which she founded in 2017. She also writes blogs, which are available on her website.

Emily, who has always wanted to do modeling her entire life, has been on the pages of notable magazines and campaigns for ELLE magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Pupa Milano Cosmetics, Sundance Shoes, Ink Detroit, and others.

Emily Clarke Ishbia [Photo: Facebook]

Besides, the blogger has revealed that her blog ‘Why Not Me‘ was about her husband Mat. It contained information about Mat and his career endeavors.

Similarly, she shared a blog about her children as well, covering subjects on topics like parenting. In her post, Emily talked about how she cleverly changed her way of approach to handling 3 of her babies.

She added, “Live and learn!! As Oprah always said, “When you know better, you do better.” That is the biggest truth of life!!”

In addition, Matt’s former spouse is also the author of her own autobiography, Overcoming Obstacles.