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JJ Da Boss Shares the Same Interest with His Wife Tricia

Himal Ale Magar


JJ Da Boss, one of the biggest stars in the Street Outlaws racing scene, is not the only person making a name for himself behind the wheel. His wife, Tricia Day, is one of the strongest racers when she sits behind the steering wheel of her popular ’66 Chevy Nova called Heifer.

The couple has been together for more than a decade and are loving parents to their children. As both of them are interested in the same field, no wonder they have stayed together for so long.

JJ Da Boss and Wife Were from the Same Town

The couple might have bonded over their shared love for cars and street racing. In the interview with Monsters & Critics, the pair started dating somewhere around 2008, but the exact date was not disclosed.

The couple grew up in a town outside Memphis with around 700 inhabitants. However, they became a couple until he was in his 30s. She grew up with her lifelong friend Precious Cooper, who’s known as the Queen of the Streets.

Precious is the godmother to his kids, and she was the one who took care of all his bills, revealed JJ Da Boss in the said interview.

JJ Da Boss With His Wife And Children [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, the age difference with his wife has also left some fans curious over the years. As of this writing, JJ is 50 years old, but the age of Tricia has not been disclosed by the couple.

However, sites like Distractify have claimed his wife to be in her 40s. Regardless JJ and Tricia are deeply affectionate with one another.

According to the report by Distractify, JJ said he loved his wife and expressed that she saved his life. JJ added Tricia brought a lot of happiness and set the racer on the right path.

To keep it simple and sweet, Tricia stated, “We go together like a hand and a glove.”

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JJ Da Boss’ Wife Is a Fellow Race Driver

Tricia is a race car driver like JJ himself. She goes by the name Midget and has starred alongside JJ on Street Outlaws for years. Tricia was one of the highlight female drivers of the spinoff Street Outlaws: Memphis.

Further, it was JJ who introduced his wife to street racing. Regarding her experience, Tricia recalled,  “[JJ] asked me one day if I wanted to try it.” “I raced and it’s been a journey ever since,” Tricia added.

Moreover, JJ expressed that his wife tore a lot of stuff in the beginning, which cost him a lot of money. But, he stated that it did not matter in the end.

JJ And Tricia Were Injured in a Car Accident

JJ and his wife got in a car crash in January 2022 while filming Street Outlaws: America’s List. The news was first shared by Deep South Street Racing on their Facebook page.

Images that were shared on the post confirmed the collision of two or more racing cars. It included JJ’s iconic 1966 Chevy II Ziptie Nova.

The Facebook page later updated fans that after the crash, JJ, who suffered burn injuries to his face and hands, was discharged from the hospital the next day.

However, his wife sustained hip injuries for which she had to go through surgery and was in recovery long road. Besides, it was not the first time JJ got into an accident.

The street racer was involved in a major accident back in 2017, where he fell asleep, which caused a serious accident. As a result, JJ suffered fractured ribs and a broken hand.

JJ and Wife Are Blessed with 4 Children

The race car driver has a total of 11 children and five grandchildren. However, not all of them were with his wife, Tricia Day.

Tricia and JJ have welcomed four kids, and they are Aubrey, Vada, Annaline, and Jonathan Wayne. One of his daughters’ names is Whitney, and the information of other children remains a mystery. The racer had described them as an inspiration to be a better man. Similarly, he has a son named Jonathan.

JJ Da Boss With His Children [Photo: Instagram]

JJ has a special bond with his son as well, they can be seen sharing beautiful moments on his Instagram profile.

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Is Shelby Lynn JJ Da Boss’ Daughter?

As per the report by Distractify, some fans of the show have mistaken the race car driver Shelby Lynn for JJ’s daughter. However, despite the rumors, the two are not biologically related.

Regardless, similar to Shelby, JJ’s daughter Vada has aspired to be a driver herself as she has been driving his new car, Tator.

Besides, despite showing interest in street racing at such a young age, his daughter Vada cannot compete in events like her father. On the other hand, Shelby Lynn, or Da Baby, has raced her heart out in the Street Outlaws.

The female racer has been part of the Memphis Outlaws team since October 2022 alongside JJ Da Boss. Since her appearance in the show, Shelby has been consistent and built herself a 1969 Camaro, which she named Cuda.

Further, the racer has a few achievements to her name as well. She has won at JJ’s Armdrop Gulfport Dragway and was victorious twice in JJ’s Armdrop Challenge.