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Heather Anne Campbell and her partner Mary Laws were engaged and moved in



Rick and Morty writer Heather Anne Campbell has taken her comedic genius to new heights on screen. But now, she’s rewriting her life’s script of love with her partner, Mary Christin Laws.

The American Emmy-nominated writer has been in a relationship with screenwriter Mary Laws since 2019.

Join us as we explore the creative duo’s love, battle, and laughter-filled journey!

Heather Announced She Married Her Partner In 2023

In May 2023, the esteemed writer Heather surprised her fans and followers by announcing her secret wedding via her podcast, Get Played in May 2023.

In Ep 203 of Get Played, Heather revealed that she married her partner, Mary Laws, in a private ceremony and enjoyed a fun honeymoon.

The witty writer said, “Yeah, a lot is going on, in the industry, in personal lives….” before dropping the bombshell.

Heather Campbell partner Mary Laws
Heather Anne Campbell and Mary Laws dancing together. [Picture: Instagram]

With a potent pause, Campbell said, “I’m married. I’m officially married.”

Accompanied by excited “awwwws” from her co-hosts, she continued, “I just got back from Japan. You wait your whole life for this, [you know] having a wedding, going on a honeymoon, and getting right behind the desk in your windowless garage.”

Furthermore, Campbell and her partner, Mary, are yet to share glimpses of their wedding on socials.

Amid their wedding excitement, Campbell retweeted a list of Succession writers, captioning it “My wife.”

From Meeting to Engagement

The witty writer has been in a relationship with her screenwriter, playwright, and showrunner Mary Laws, since 2018. Their journey took a huge turn when they decided to move in together in 2020, solidifying their bond further.

Furthermore, the lovebirds went through the test of time together throughout their relationship. Their love grew stronger, from Heather being diagnosed with breast cancer to beating it together and getting engaged.

Moreover, Heather took to Instagram to share the moment with her fans; She posted a series of pictures revealing the serendipitous nature of their connection.

Campbell wrote, “Mary and I met on an app. On our profiles, we had pictures taken off the same bridge, facing opposite directions, in Florence, Italy.”

Heather Campbell's partner, Mary Laws
Heather Anne Campbell and Mary’s Engagement. [Photo: Instagram]

She continued, “We proposed to one another. I love Mary with my whole heart. She’s the best, most incredible partner I can imagine.”

Likewise, Heather’s then-wife-to-be, Mary, took to Instagram to share her excitement. She also shared pictures with the caption, “Breaking my social media fast to share our joy. We’re engaged!”

A few months later, the elite writer shared a close-up view of their engagement ring as she declared, “I love my lady a lot.”

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Battled Cancer Together | Heather’s Partner Being Her Rock

2019 proved to be a tough phase for the couple.

In January 2019, Heather was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. However, her partner, Mary’s love and unwavering support guided them through the ordeal.

Mary took to social media to share the moment with followers. She posted a beautiful picture of her partner in a bright pink hospital capturing the raw beauty and bravery in her eyes.

Mary captioned, “I took this photo moments before the oncologist came in and told us Heather had stage three breast cancer. I think she looks beautiful and brave.”

Furthermore, Heather’s wife made sure to acknowledge her doctor, Catherine Dang, and her exceptional team at Cedar for the treatment they provided. Mary expressed her gratitude to Heather’s family, medical team and caregiver, and her partner.

She praised Heather’s courage and resilience, emphasizing how their hardships brought them closer. She wrote,

“More than anything, I’m grateful to have a partner who is courageous and strong, as she appears in this photo. I’m grateful that times of trial draw us closer together instead of pulling us apart. I love you, Heather. We can do hard things.”

Mary reposted Heather’s cancer announcement saying, “My girlfriend is a warrior. Also, f**k you, cancer!”

Cancer Free for a Year | Beginning of New Chapter

A year later, when the former video game journalist beat cancer, Mary posted photos captioning, “Here’s to the best person I know who, as of today, has been cancer free for a FULL F***ING YEAR!!! You are a pillar of strength and a beacon of light. Happy One Year. May you live at least a hundred or two more.”

Heather also had knee surgery following cancer back in December 2019. She shared a glimpse from her hospital bed, appreciating her fiance at the time, “Couldn’t do any of this without Mary.”

Following the cancer-free years and while the world was battling a global pandemic, the love birds moved in together.

Heather announced they moved in via Instagram, saying, “Mary and I moved in together. This is a photo of us moved in. We are moved in.”

Heather Campbell partner Mary Laws
Mary and Heather moved in. [Photo: Instagram]

Not to be left behind, Mary shared a few details via her caption that read, “Eight months of long distance, a tricky little bout of cancer, four (five?), new jobs, and a global pandemic later…. We finally (officially) moved in together!!!”

Since they moved in during June, i.e., Pride month, Campbell’s partner also included, “Happy Pride, y’all!! My girlfriend’s the hottest, and now I get to fold her laundry and fight about thread count! I’m the luckiest!”

Returning to the present, comedian/writer Heather Campbell and Mary Laws enjoy marital bliss. They are making milestones in their career and personal life, occasionally sharing a few glimpses and gratitude via social media.