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Barrett Foa Is Openly Gay, But Is He Married?

Himal Ale Magar


Fans of the show NCIS: Los Angeles are familiar with Barrett Foa, who did not hesitate to open up about his sexuality. His on-screen chemistry with Renée Felice Smith has also been applauded by his followers. It has led them to wonder if Foa is currently married or has any off-screen relationship with his co-stars.

However, the on-screen romance between the couple could not continue as the 12th season of NCIS: Los Angeles ended with both Foa and Smith leaving the show.

Barrett Foa from CBS’s Crime Series Is Not Married

The actor played one of the major roles in the previous seasons of NCIS Los Angeles. Since their introduction to the show, fans have loved the chemistry between Eric Beale(Barrett Foa) and Nell Jones, played by Renée Felice Smith.

Over the years, there were a few moments in the series which concerned viewers about their relationships. For instance, Nell revealed that she needed time off from the team and left without Eric.

This left fans curious if it affected the relationship between them. On the other hand, fans were also speculating if Foa and Smith had a romance brewing outside of the show.

Barrett Foa [Photo: Instagram]

However, despite the brewing rumors, the actor did not make any comment about his off-screen relationship with Smith. Additionally, Foa has also not revealed any details about his current relationship as of this writing.

The star has always been a private person and has never been linked romantically to anyone. But, Foa might have plans to get married in the future, which the actor has not disclosed to his fans and followers yet.

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Barrett and Smith Had a Great Time When Eric Christian Olsen Got Married

The pair were in a relationship on NCIS: Los Angeles, but despite their dynamics in the show, their romance did not bloom in real life. Regardless, the two developed close friendships over the years and became very good friends.

In an interview with The Talk, the pair described their relationship as pretty natural and that they were both goofballs. Further, regarding their relationship, Foa said, “We basically just entertain each other, and then the crew just gets to watch and laugh with us or at us,” “We have dance contests, and we have singing contests.”

Further, the two attended Eric Christian Olsen’s wedding in 2012, where they enjoyed and had lots of fun. Foa and Smith expressed that the energy at the wedding was low, and they decided to turn it up.

Regarding the incident, Smith said that they were drunk and got into the dancefloor and had a great time together.

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Barrett Opened about His Sexuality

Despite keeping his personal life away from the limelight, Foa was open about his sexuality. The actor made the public announcement in 2018 on his Instagram account.

Foa shared the post when he made an appearance as a guest star in an episode of Will & Grace. At the time, he displayed an image of the script for the episode ‘The Pursuit of Happiness.’

Further, in the caption of the picture, he mentioned he would kiss a man on national television and not be scared or embarrassed about it than his younger, dumber, and more inner-homophobic self would have been.

Barrett Foa [Photo: Instagram]

Foa further added that he was an out, proud gay man playing an out, proud gay man.

The actor added, “Tonight I get to be part of something big and hilarious and significant and influential and groundbreaking and ridiculous and fantastic and silly and important. Tonight I am one step closer to myself.”

His announcement was well received by his fans and followers. They cheered and encouraged him in the comments section applauding his courage.

For instance, one Instagram user commented, “I’m also gay myself I’m really proud of you you’re awesome.” Whereas another noted his fans loved him no matter what the circumstances were.