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Is Ryan Paevey Married to Cindy Busby? Know The Truth

Dinesh Shrestha


Seeing their perfect chemistry online, fans could not help but ship their favorite stars of Marrying Mr. Darcy, Ryan Paevey, and Cindy Busby. In the movie, they are set to be married after getting engaged.

Ryan portrayed the role of Donovan Darcy, a businessman/philanthropist, whereas Cindy played the role of Elizabeth Scott, a school teacher. So, are the on-screen couple a thing in real life too?

Ryan Paevey and Cindy Busby’s Relationship Outside the Show

Ryan’s character, Donovan, and Cindy’s character, Elizabeth, have a tremendous difference in background. They started off on the wrong foot but eventually found their way to one another’s hearts.

Besides that, Ryan and Cindy were so good to their character that fans could not help but wonder if they were actually dating.

While many wanted it to be true, unfortunately, their chemistry and love was only for the movie. In real life, Cindy has been blissfully married to her husband, Chris Boyd, since December 2020.

On the other hand, Ryan has kept the information about his love life and personal details a secret. Further, it wasn’t the only project Paevey and Busby worked together on.

The duo appeared in the movie Unleashing Mr. Darcy two years before, portraying the same role.

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His On-Screen Chemistry with Kirsten Storms Started Their Dating Rumors

Having worked on a number of romantic movies, Ryan Paevey’s name has been connected with different actresses. Also, his chemistry with them and his acting has been so true that fans couldn’t help but wonder if his relationship with his co-stars extended beyond the show.

For instance, his name joined with the actress Kirsten Storms, who appeared together in the show General Hospital. Since they worked together in the series for a long time, their chemistry became the subject of rumors.

Also, adding fuel to those rumors, she was seen wearing a necklace that he made for her. In addition, Kristen even shared a picture with Paevey whilst they wore matching t-shirts.

Ryan Paevey and Kirsten Storms [Photo: Instagram]

However, the rumors could be false since Storms was married to her ex-husband Brandon Barash in 2013, the same year she starred alongside Paevey.

Jessa Hinton and Paevey Teased Each Other on Twitter

The handsome actor’s name was also linked to the lifestyle blogger and model Jessa Hinton. The rumored relationship started when he interacted with her on Twitter.

Jessa tweeted, “There you go, muffin @RyanPaevey,” while sharing her childhood photo. Then he replied with the kiss emoji, which further fueled the gossip.

Then in January 2015, the two did photoshoots for designer Michael Costello. She uploaded the pictures on Twitter and professed it as one of her favorite shoots. Moreover, she also thanked him for his genuine smile.

Ryan Paevey and Jessa Hinton [Photo: Twitter]

According to HollywoodMask, the pair’s constant mention of each other on Twitter made netizens believe they were a thing. In fact, one Twitter user complimented him, saying he and Hinton made an adorable duo.

But, by mid-2015, they had stopped mentioning each other. Since then, the actor has not been linked with anyone.

Interestingly, he didn’t object to the praise and thanked the commenter. Furthermore, Paevey shared a picture in February 2015 with Jessa Hinton on Instagram but later replaced it with another post.

The post read that he lost a moment from his personal life with someone who he cared about from social media by bitterness.

Furthermore, he requested to kindly leave if someone couldn’t approve of who he chose to surround himself with in his life. He continued that he didn’t care for the presence and would not mourn the absence.

To further add drama, he also tagged Hinton in the post. According to The List, he might have said so after what must have been negative comments about her.

Ryan Paevey Has Experienced Love at First Sight

Prior to getting linked with Hinton and their social media teasing, the actor had opened up about some interesting details of his love life.

In an Interview with Sheknows in 2014, the actor revealed that he had experienced a feeling of love at first sight.

He professed that he believed in first sight 100 percent but didn’t think that it meant the two were going to be together or ever together.

Well, it didn’t happen in his case. “But I can remember that feeling when you see that one person, and everything stops for a second, and you don’t notice anything but her, cliché as that sounds,” he added.

Nevertheless, Paevey could still remember the address and the dress she was wearing. He hoped that the universe may yet see fit for her to feel the same.

The actor stated that he would always be grateful that he met her, and she showed him those feelings also exist outside the fairy tales.

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Paevey’s Dream Girl

Paevey is known for keeping his personal details a secret. However, in 2018, he got candid about it while confirming his relationship status.

While talking to Extra TV, the actor was asked if he would marry in actual life, as he was in the movie, Marrying Mr. Darcy. He revealed that he had zero idea and explained that he was 50% of the equation to get married and have a wife, which implied he had no partner.

When the interviewer, who could not believe he was single, expressed her disbelief, he further explained saying,

“You know. I am a workaholic. I don’t even have a dog. I have a thriving houseplant.”

While Paevey is yet to find someone special, he does have a dream girl and knows what he’s looking for. In an interview with Hallmark, he revealed that “Brains and a sense of humor would trump everything else.”

Furthermore, he also wanted to start a family. When asked what plans he wanted to accomplish during his 30s, he revealed that he was committed to growing and improving professionally.

The actor continued that personally, he’d love to take some steps towards starting a family. Well, hopefully, he finds someone of his dream and fulfills his plans.