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Is ‘Abbott Elementary’ Star Janelle James Married?

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Abbott Elementary star Janelle James is a woman of mystery who prefers to keep it that way. Despite being one of the breakout stars of the ABC sitcom show, she leads a low-key lifestyle. So, it is not known if she is married.

In one of her interviews, Janelle detailed that she has a lot of facts about her life that she doesn’t think people need to know, like her age.

Fans wanted to know one of her secrets, i.e., whether the mysterious woman was married. Even though Janelle did not disclose anything about her love life, she later acknowledged that she had two kids.

Is Janelle James Married?

The comedian prefers her personal life details to be hidden from the people.

Still, in an interview with Variety, she revealed she is a mother of two sons.

Janelle said, “I’m grown,” revealing she has a 20-year-old son. Further, she stated she wasn’t ashamed of her age or anything like that.

The comedian told the outlet, “But for women — and everybody knows it and acts like they don’t — it gives an idea of what you are in people’s heads.”

Janelle James said to Variety Magazine that she is a mother of two sons [Photo: Instagram]

Despite revealing one of her sons’ age, she refused to disclose the age of her other child, as she didn’t see the point in sharing that.

Furthermore, she clarified that the downside of being famous, whether it’s Newly Famous as her current comedy tour dubs her or not, is that the more people learn about her, the more they try to fix her into a box.

Janelle explained that people have a certain idea of motherhood the same way they have an idea of women as they reach a certain age.

“Each age group, people have an idea in your head of what it is,” she said. The comedian declared that she didn’t want people’s preconceived notions to prevent her from doing anything because she could do everything.

Although she has two sons, Janelle does not appear to be married. Also, there are no rumors about her love life.

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Life Slapped Janelle Son in the Face Real Time

During a 2020 show, Netflix Is A Joke, James said that her baby boy, who was a 13-year-old, got slapped in the face by life. During Netflix Is A Joke sets, she reminisced about the time his son understood the reality of the world.

She took her son to the movie over the holidays, and he had $30, his Christmas money. As a result, he had a different kind of swag that day.

Then they got to the movie theater, and she bought the tickets. When they reached the concession, her son offered to buy the popcorn.

Janelle replied, “Okay $30.” She also told him she didn’t need her own popcorn; she would share it with him.

But the little boy said, “No. You get your own popcorn and your own soda, Mom.” He stepped up to the cashier and ordered two large popcorn and two large drinks.

When the cashier told him $28, the little boy was shocked, and his face was hilarious. “If I was a millennial, I’d be quick enough with the phone to get the [expletive] picture of that face,” the comedian stated.

Later when they got into the theater, Janelle’s son leaned over her and said isn’t soda just syrup, and they added bubbles to it.

The little boy sat there for 30 minutes and had a meltdown over his money. Janelle added that’s what life is, and the life slapped her kid in the face and gave $2 back.

This incident might have taught her son a valuable life lesson.

People Said She Is Just Like Her Character ‘Ava’

Janelle James doesn’t like when people pigeonhole her as the character of Abbott Elementary, where she portrayed the Principal Ava Coleman character.

The comedian loved the character, which made her a household name, but she wanted people to see her outside of the character Ava.

“I am not Ava; I am acting,” she clarified. She further explained that she wasn’t ashamed to be Ava but felt insulted when people said, “You’re just like your character.”

Janelle James feels insulted when people say, “Your just like your character” [Photo: Instagram]

“I’m doing a lot of work to bring this [expletive] to life,” the comedian told the outlet. In fact, Janelle was doing so much work that she even turned down some big offers.

She said she turned down so much and could be so much richer than she was then. She clarified that she only does what she wants.

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‘Principal Ava’ Character Helped Her Win Multiple Awards

Janelle James is a comedian and actress. Currently, she is on the series of the ABC sitcom Abbott Elementary.

The comedian’s role as Principal Ava has helped her garner a huge fan following and multiple awards. She won Best Supporting Actress, Comedy from the Hollywood Critics Association, and Black Reel Awards.

Furthermore, she was nominated for Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, Critics’ Choice Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Independent Spirit Award.

Janelle has a successful career as a comedian. Furthermore, she has toured with Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, David Cross, and many others. Her first comedy debut album is Black and Mild, released in September 2017.

Well, it appears that fans will have to wait for some time to know if their favorite actress is married or not.