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Mark Wiens Health: Does He Have Cancer?

Dinesh Shrestha

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Mark Wiens’ fans noticed certain changes in his facial complexion. So, they discussed it on Reddit and other platforms.

While some shrugged it off as nothing, others speculated if he had cancer. But what’s the truth?

Does Mark Wiens Have Cancer?

Mark’s familiar “yummy face” and huge smile that become the highlight of his features whenever he tastes something he likes have won the hearts of many.

Because he was so famous, netizens took notice of the specific changes in his complexions over the years and began speculating if he had cancer.

No need to fear; Mark is fit and fine and reviewing the food. He never had cancer, and as of now, he constantly uploads YouTube videos on his channel.

Moreover, his parents are still healthy and sometimes even make appearances on his channel. More recently, the YouTuber’s father came on the show to check his ancestry. Turns out, his old man was as European as could be.

He is doing his blogging constantly, and there’s nothing to worry about his health problems.

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Concerned Fans Spark Discussion Over His Health

In 2021, one user took a topic, ‘Concerned about Mark,’ and wrote a lengthy comment on Reddit regarding his health.

According to the user, he subscribed to the food blogger’s channel after watching his 2017 video in Yunnan.

Then he said that he noticed Mark’s complexion was different from how he remembered. Therefore, he dug up that 2017 video again and compared it.

The user noticed that Mark’s complexion in 2021’s video (Amish smorgasbord) was different. Moreover, the time difference was just four years.

Mark Wiens tried crawfish boils in New Orleans, Louisiana. [Photo: Instagram]

Then the user looked up his age and noticed that Mark was only 35 then. The user hoped that the blogger was healthy since his complexion changed quickly in such a short time. Furthermore, he suggested getting a medical checkup for Wiens.

Another user penned, “I’m shocked that there aren’t more people that have noticed this!” One user was shocked and commented, “Wow, 35. I thought he was like 49. He seems pretty spirited in his latest video.”

Exploring the Early Life of Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA, in 1986. When he was five, his family moved to Albertville, a small town in southeastern France.

Then from France, they moved to the center of Africa, a tiny village in the northern Democratic Republic of Congo called Tandala.

The blogger was relatively young when he learned about the culture, food, and friendships there.

Later in 1996, his family moved to Kenya, to the capital city of Nairobi. From 5th grade all the way up through graduating from his school in 2008 (except for one year back in the US), he attended Rosslyn Academy.

Although he wasn’t a huge fan of the school at the time, he wouldn’t change the experience of attending Rosslyn for anything.

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Mark Had No Idea What to Do After Completing College

After graduating from high school, Mark had no idea what to do. He had no plans and eventually returned to the United States and enrolled at Arizona State University.

During his four years at University, he made some incredible friends worldwide.

He enjoyed the experience, but at the same time, he had the urge to keep going and explore more of the world.

The blogger graduated from Arizona State University in 2008 with a degree in Global Studies. He had a diploma but still no idea what to do.

Mark knew the last thing he wanted to do was sit in an office. About a month after graduating, he went to South America—Buenos Aires, Argentina, to be specific.

Mark Wiens is eating a meat roll and hot pot with Yunnanese ham [Photo: Instagram]

His goal was not just to travel and party; instead, he wanted to learn, eat, and see what it was like to live there.

Mark decided to take a TESOL course to learn to teach English. The blogger thought if he could teach English somewhere in the world, it could be easy for him to live overseas and earn money.

One month’s course went well, and again he still had no idea what he wanted to do. He traveled through Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile for the next couple of months.

Then Mark again returned to the US for his sister’s wedding. Later he decided to start a blog, thinking of posting some photos and experiences to share with his family and friends. In 2009, he started his food blogging channel.

Within a short period, Mark’s videos were a hit, and he became one of the most renowned bloggers of his time. He has gained well-wishers globally.