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Laya Deleon Hayes’ Parents Are Always by Her Side

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The 19-year-old actress Laya Deleon Hayes has a special bond with her parents. Her folks’ love and support encouraged her to reach the peak of her career at such a young age.

Laya comes from a multi-racial home and constantly learns about the two cultures she came from.

Gina Hayes and Kevin Hayes, her parents, who are Filipino and African American, respectively, encouraged her to value their cultural heritage.

Laya’s Touching Tribute to Her Parents on Social Media

Laya DeLeon Hayes has always adored her parents and has never shied away from showing them her gratitude.

Just take the example of March’s post in 2023, where she thanked her mom and dad during a speech after receiving the BAFTA award for Performer in Supporting Role.

Furthermore, she shared her childhood picture with her father in June 2023 and captioned it, “Dads day.” Laya mentioned him as “simply the best.”

Evidently, the father-and-daughter connection is incredible.

Laya DeLeon Hayes wished Happy Father’s Day on June 18 [Photo: Instagram]

The actress also never forgets to wish her mom on Mother’s Day and birthdays.

In May 2023, she posted a photo of her mom and herself and captioned it, “Mother’s Day.” She expressed that she loves her mom; her light shines bright and radiates to everyone she meets.

“Thank you for your unconditional love. So beyond grateful for you and grandma,” she wrapped up the caption.

Laya DeLeon Hayes wished Happy Mother’s Day on May 15 [Photo: Instagram]

In the post, one user wrote, “She looked exactly like you when u was young,” while most of the user commented, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

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Father’s Heartfelt Birthday Wishes to Laya

Laya DeLeon Hayes’ parents always support and encourage her. In June 2022, her father posted her childhood picture and wished her a happy birthday.

“Happy 18th Birthday to our amazing daughter. I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast,” Kevin wished her.

Further, he said that he was fortunate to watch her develop into such a wonderful young lady.

“We love you so much..continue to be Laya and follow your dreams. Love Daddy,” he penned.

In the post, one user commented, “Happy birthday to my favorite actress ever,” while another user penned, “Your daughter is super stylish.”

Laya has made her parents proud with her work. Likewise, she also has a good relationship with her grandparents.

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Laya Is Close to Her Grandparents

Not only with her parents, Laya also has an extremely close relationship with her Filipino grandparents.

Growing up, she went to her grandparents’ house and spent every summer with them. There, she enjoyed a lot, eating Lumpia, Adobo, and Pancit that her grandma would make for her. 

Later her grandparents moved to the United States, where she was able to spend a lot more time with them.

Laya DeLeon Hayes [Photo: Instagram]

The actress said she was constantly learning more about the Filipino side of her family every day. Furthermore, she was proud of being mixed, which allowed her to become closer to her ancestry.

Laya DeLeon’s Life Prior To Limelight

The actress was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on June 22, 2004. However, she was raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. She grew up in a loving household with immense love and care.

She attended school plays and talent shows, which empowered her passion for performing. She also trained at Hart and Soul Studio before moving to LA to pursue an acting career.

At age 5, Laya made her television debut on the Grey’s Anatomy episode, ‘Thriller.’ She has been a part of several other acting projects.

Laya’s stellar performance has stunned everyone. As a result, she gathered a huge fan following from all over the world.