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Nina Sosanya: Embracing Privacy in Her Love Life

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In contrast to other celebrities, Nina Sosanya hasn’t created any profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and she hasn’t made her partner public.

The television actress Nina Sosanya, who skyrocketed her career through big shows, prefers to keep herself out of the spotlight.

Despite keeping her dating life secret, fans eventually speculated that she was dating a British actor after the two made a few public appearances.

Nina Sosanya Rumored To Be Dating Stephen Sarossy

While the actress’s love life remains private, eventually, there was a rumor that she had found a partner in Stephen Sarossy.

As per some fan sites, the couple had dated for some time. Sosanya and Sarossy also appeared at the Screen Nation Film & Television Awards in 2005.

That was then, but the couple was seen together as recently as the Laurence Olivier Awards red carpet in 2018.

Nevertheless, the couple never publicized their relationship nor addressed the rumor in the public sphere.

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Not in Real Life- But She Has a Partner in Reel Life

The actress completely hides the truth of her personal life from the world, as no one knows about her partner and other personal details.

Things are different for the actress once the cameras start rolling. She has had a string of partners in her reel life. From being a fiancee to being a mother, Nina has lived through every phase of romantic relationships on camera.

For instance, in the 2012-15s TV series named Last Tango in Halifax, the actress portrayed the role of Kate, who is the female love interest of Caroline.

Furthermore, Sosanya’s character Kate even becomes pregnant at one point, and the two characters even exchange wedding vows.

Nina Sosanya FULL Graham Norton Show [Photo: Youtube/Sd Tv]

In addition, the actress portrayed Jess in the 2019 TV series Killing Eve. She got pregnant at one point in the show.

Despite the fact that she has been in a few on-screen romances, it appears that she lacks some of it in her real-life relationships.

However, Sosanya’s followers will have to wait to learn about her romantic life in the absence of any official confirmation.

Nina Sosanya: Tracing the Path of a Talented British Actress

The English actress was born in London to a Nigerian father and an English mother. Sosanya went to the Vale of Catmose College in Oakham for her study. Later she received training in the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Initially, she began her acting career on stage. The actress’s breakthrough role was in a production of Anthony and Cleopatra at the National Theatre.

Sosanya made her screen debut in 1992 in an episode of the police procedural series The Bill. Then she appeared in the series named Teachers, making her a household name.

In the series, she played opposite Andrew Lincoln. Then, she appeared in the movie named Loved Actually, released in 2003, where she played Annie’s character.

As her career was in a growing phase, she played different roles in several movies and TV series. Then Sosanya also worked in all sorts of top-billed TV, from His Dark Materials and Killing Eve to Last Tango in Halifax and W1A.

She has amassed a respectable portfolio with acting credits in over 60 films and TV shows in the last three decades.

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Nina Was Always a Minority, Even in Her Own Family

The star of Last Tango in Halifax and W1A discussed portraying outsiders, growing up surrounded by white faces, and what it was like to be killed off as she was getting ready to participate in the Young Chekhov trilogy over an interview with Guardian.

“Mmm. Growing up, I was always the minority in the room, even in my own immediate family, who were all white,” said in an interview.

It became normal for her to see white faces everywhere. She remembered a young black woman once saying to her, “How do you see yourself?”

Nina Sosanya [Photo: YouTube/Letters Live]

The actress facetiously replied, “With a mirror.” The woman was quite angry at that time.

“I’ve always referred to myself as ‘mixed race,’ but apparently, that’s not correct anymore. But to call myself ‘black’ would be to deny my mother,” she explained.

“There are so many boxes you can put yourself in, and the part of the Venn diagram where they overlap is probably who you are.”