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Dulce Sloan Embracing Body Confidence in a Weight-Obsessed World

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The stand-up comedian Dulce Sloan always defended herself from the people who made fun of her weight. Sloan tweeted multiple tweets about her weight and snapped back at any trolls.

Sloan has maintained an air of confidence and humor about her weight amidst netizens and audience members trying to get the better of her.

Dulce Sloan Multiple Tweets and Posts About Her Weight

Dulce Sloan is one of the most forthcoming comedians, and her stand-up sets are hilarious.

With a successful career, she has amassed quite the public attention and not always the good kind. People have been making constant remarks about her appearance and obesity.

To shut the same people down, the comedian has tweeted multiple times regarding her weight and weight loss efforts.

In a Facebook status, Sloan admitted, in all honesty, “You’ll not meet a single fat person in the world who has not, at some point, either tried losing weight or been told to lose weight.”

She also said she had read 32 diet books in her life and that she knew more about how to lose weight than most others.

Sloan spoke openly in 2018 that she was “curvy, fat, plus-sized, full-figured, and thick.” To the dissatisfaction of internet trolls, she affirmed that she was okay with being all of those things.

Dulce Sloan and her mom [Photo: Instagram]

“If calling me fat is the only response you have to be having an opinion you don’t like, you’re an idiot,” she said.

Sloan has always opened up about her body and doesn’t feel shame to say she is overweight.

Recently on January 2022, she tweeted, “And then he said I’m fat, so I should be glad ANY man is talking to me.”

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Standup Star Dulce Sloan Stunned by Article Featuring Her Work, Without Her Input

Dulce Sloan was always perplexed when an article was written about her but didn’t interview her. The article said that she only has a joke about weight loss.

Sloan clarified through the tweet that she didn’t and never have jokes about weight loss. She said, “Are these writers saying they don’t like my body?.”

In January, she posted her picture and captioned the post, “Really living for this illness weight loss. Solid foods got nothing on these cheek bones.”

Dulce Sloan shared about her weight loss [Photo: Instagram]

Although she wanted to lose weight, she said that nothing solid food could compete with these cheekbones.

Further, she also tweeted that if guys want to keep fat-shaming people on the internet, she needs to see a medical degree and six-pack abs.

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Dulce Sloan Had No Interest In Telling Jokes

Initially, she had no desire to do comedy until she met Big Kenney, Quincy Bonds, and other Atlanta comedians. They told her she should be a comedian, which eventually changed her thought.

Fortunately, Kenney had a sketch comedy class while the comedian was free at the time. Furthermore, her mother encouraged her to join the class.

“I only got into comedy because a friend of mine worked at the Funny Farm, which was a comedy club in Atlanta,” Dulce Sloan said.

Dulce Sloan
Dulce Sloan celebrating the new year in 2021 [Photo: Instagram]

Sloan’s mother has been supportive her entire life. Her mother was a performer, whereas her uncle had been a singer since the early ’80s, so performing was in her family.

In addition, a few gigs at local Atlanta clubs helped sharpen her stand-up craft. Then her breakthrough StandUp NBC comedy showcase came in 2015 and pushed her journey to the next level.

Just two years later, she worked with Comedy Central on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah as a correspondent.