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Dulce Sloan Kept Joking On Married Man

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The American stand-up comedian Dulce Sloan is now 39 but never opened up about her relationship. Although, she always keeps joking about married men.

Also, she featured a charcuterie board on her Instagram post and, in the caption, questioned, “Where is my husband?”

She frequently makes jokes about it as if she is married or has a secret romance in real life.

In her stand-up sets, she declared that she was not interested in dating a married man, but what if it was the man she married?

Dulce Sloan: ‘Who Needs Married Men?’

On June 2022, Comedy Central Stand-Up uploaded a video titled ‘Who Needs Married Men?,’ where Sloan made jokes about married men.

Sloan told the jokes about the married man and said she didn’t see married men anymore. Further explaining this topic, she clarified if any man had a ring on his finger, she wouldn’t see him.

“Why do I need to see the face of a d*ck I can’t use?” the comedian said in the video. She also shared her experience when she was in New York.

Sloan prefaced by saying that a married man approached her and asked for directions in New York.

“I went, ‘Tell your wife!’ He didn’t need that,” Sloan quipped.

Then when she looked down at his phone, and noticed that Map was open on his phone.

“What? Sir, I don’t know more than a satellite,” she voiced before the crowd went hysteric.

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Dulce Sloan: “Where is my husband?”

Dulce Sloan shared a picture of a charcuterie board on November 2018 and captioned, “I made this. Where is my husband!?!”

Many Instagram users reacted to the post. A user commented, “Good Question.”

Another quipped, “Who needs a husband when you can just have a freeloading wife? Pick me!.”

Dulce Sloan shared a meal picture [Photo: Instagram]

Just one year later, she again shared cooked Peas and Rice, Meat and Cheese board, and Baked Brie. And again asked the same question, “Yesterday was a great day! *Do yall see that board ?!! Where is my husband?”

Many people reacted again when one user also penned, “Girl, I would marry you,” while one user went far as to comment, “I wish I was your gay husband there’s not much I wouldn’t do for a sexy cheeseboard.”

Stand-up comedian Dulce Sloan Signed With APA.

The stand-up comedian and actress Dulce Sloan has signed a deal with APA.

Sloan is an experienced correspondent for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, who took over as the show’s guest host for a week in May.

Furthermore, she also voiced Honeybee Shaw-Tobin opposite Will Forte and Jenny Slate in the Fox animated sitcom The Great North.

The comedian has appeared numerous times on the CNN New Year’s Eve Special with Anderson Cooper and other shows. She also performed half an hour of stand-up on Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Dulce Sloan in 2019.

Dulce Sloan in a gorgeous custom beetle metallic gown for the 2022 Emmy Awards [Photo: Instagram]

Sloan was recently also honored with the Webby Award for best comedy podcast for Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan & Josh Johnson from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

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In addition, she is the newest member of APA’s growing comedy touring division, along with other comedians like Martin Lawrence, Rob Schneider, and Mike Epps.