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What is Fat Perez’s Real Name?

Dinesh Shrestha


The real name behind the Internet sensation of Fat Perez is Nick Stubbe.

This name was given by his friends while playing golf because he shared an uncanny resemblance to the professional golfer Pat Perez.

During the pandemic, he started to join Zoom happy hours with the name of Fat Perez, which dragged the attention of Robby Berger, the man behind Bob Does Sports.

Stubble was a natural and was adored by fans. One thing led to another, and he ended up working at Bob Does Sports full-time.

As his popularity grew, his real name was almost entirely lost to the media sphere, and he was known by his stage name, Fat Perez.

Before working full-time at Bob Do Sports, he worked in public accounting and commercial real estate investment funds.

From Nick Stubbe To Nickname Fat Perez Story

Nick Stubbe’s nickname Fat Perez came about two years ago while playing golf with friends. He was having a good time with his buddies. Around the same time, he had started to grow his hair out.

One day, he was at his friend’s club playing with two buddies who played golf with him many times. There was also another guy that he had never played with.

The new guy wanted to play with him because he heard that he was pretty good.

Then in the middle of the fairway, his friends started to say, “You’re looking like Pat Perez with the hair in the game.” Another guy who was sitting in the cart quipped he was more like “Fat Perez.”

When he returned to the golf course the following weekend, there were a dozen personalized golf balls with Fat Perez on them as a gift.

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Bob Does Sports found Fat Perez on a Zoom happy hour

Bob Does Sports found Nick Stubbe, aka Fat Perez, on the Zoom happy hours during the pandemic.

He had heard about the comedian behind social-media sensation Bob Does Sports, Robby Berger’s early work.

Then Perez followed Berger’s Instagram account and started participating in Berger’s Zoom happy hours during the pandemic.

Bob Does Sports was Zoom happy hours for the podcast during the pandemic, where everybody could join. It was a time when nobody could go out or do anything. It was a really cool way to connect people and have some fun.

Nick Stubbe, aka Fat Perez [Photo: Instagram]

Berger could see everybody on the top of the screen and control it. About 50 people joined the Zoom happy hour. During the time, one of the people sent Berger a message, “Do you see this fat Perez guy.”

Then Robby noticed his name and said that “We got a new character in the place that I want to get over to Fat Perez looks like an absolute ball buster.”

He was checking in from the office at the time.

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The Reason for Not Revealing Real Name on Zoom Happy Hours

Perez didn’t put his real name in the Zoom happy hour because he didn’t want his real name revealed when he was in the office.

Fat Perez became a regular on the Zoom get-together and eventually became a fan favorite. Berger also thought that he was actually funny and a genuine dude.

Berger recalls being struck by the term “Fat Perez” on his Zoom happy hour, mainly because Perez was dialing in from a cubicle, “pounding beers.”

One weekend, he was in Pinehurst with his wife, where he met Berger. Then they met up for drinks and dinner. They kept playing golf together ever since.