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Alyssa Fluellen And Her Husband Finally Got Married

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Alyssa Fluellen married Gerard Fluellen in June 2020 in a private wedding ceremony. The couple absconded to Lake Tahoe on June 29, 2020, where they had a pre-marriage ceremony in the attendance of their loved ones.

One month after their marriage, Alyssa shared her wedding day vlog on her YouTube channel. However, Gerard had already shared their wedding photo on an Instagram post a day after their marriage.

“Will forever be the day my (smoking hott) best friend made me the happiest man by becoming my wife! TheFluellenFamily solidified,” Gerard captioned the Instagram post.

Alyssa Fluellen and her Husband on their wedding [Photo: Instagram]

The couple welcomed their first unexpected child after a year of their relationship. Before the marriage, they had already become parents of two children.

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Alyssa Fluellen And Her Husband Welcomed a Child After a Year

The couple met at college for the first time when Alyssa was 20 and Gerard was 22. They instantly started to date and eventually welcomed their first baby a year into their relationship.

The couple is now the parents of three children: one son and two beautiful daughters.

Alyssa and Gerard welcomed their first child, Hayden Fluellen, on September 4, 2015. an unexpected pregnancy for the couple, but they invited the most memorable little girl into their lives.

Alyssa Fluellen and her husband with three children [Photo: Instagram]

The couple had not got married just yet and welcomed their second child, Harper Fluellen, in California on May 19, 2019. Three years after welcoming the first child, again, they had a sweet baby girl.

Later, in 2021, Alyssa and Gerard welcomed their third child, Emmett Fluellen. On 2022 valentines Day, the social media influencer shared a romantic tale in an Instagram video dedicated to her husband.

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Alyssa Fluellen Had Tiny Baby Bump At 32 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Alyssa Fluellen had amassed millions of fans on social media, where she went viral after sharing her unusually tiny bump before her last child, Emmett, was born.

The social media influencer was 32 weeks pregnant at the time, and her bump was small, whereas most carry a visible belly.

After sharing the video, many people refused to believe it was her last stage of pregnancy. In the video, her fit figure had barely changed.

“Isn’t it crazy how different everyone can carry their babies,” the social media influencer told the viewers.

The baby was born in February 2021, and they were incredibly happy when the couple found out they had a first boy.

Alyssa Fluellen at 32 weeks pregnant where her figure barely changed [Photo: TikTok]

Alyssa shared a whole one-minute video of giving birth to her child. In the video caption, she mentioned that it was the best labor experience she have had.

Everyone congratulated the couple after she shared the video, and a user also commented, “I am in tears! Congratulations!.”

More About Alyssa Fluellen’s Husband

According to Famous Birthdays, Gerard was born on December 8, 1990. He grew up in Redlands, which is about 50 miles from Victorville and was a predominantly White Southern California city.

Furthermore, he shares a loving bond with his parents. He also has siblings. Gerard was also a part of the college football team when he was in college.

Plus, when he graduated in 2014, he was the first in his family to have received a bachelor’s degree.

The father of three also maintains a good body physique. It is evident from his Instagram handle that he also works out and spends time at the gym.

Prior to becoming a full-time social media influencer, Gerard used to work as a UPS truck driver. And now, he boasts over 117K followers on his Instagram handle.

Sadly, the married couple faced a lot of backlash when they first started uploading. Nevertheless, they ignored the unwanted criticisms and continued doing their thing and now have got millions of followers on their social media handles.