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H2O Delirious and Elizabeth Katz Welcomed Two Beautiful Babies

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H2O Delirious, whose real name is Jonathan Dennis, and Elizabeth Katz have been dating for a long time. Despite being together for several years, Katz is yet to be Delirious’ wife.

The duo prefers to keep their personal information out of the spotlight. Despite that, in some videos, Delirious was seen playing video games with his girlfriend, Katz.

While it is not known if they are a husband and wife yet, the couple shares two daughters.

H2O and Elizabeth Welcomed Their First Baby in 2020

Elizabeth Katz initially revealed that she was pregnant in the YouTube video titled, “I’M PREGNANT? With a Pandemic Baby?” in August 2020.

This was her second pregnancy, as she gave birth to a son when she was 20. However, not much is known about her baby daddy.

She found out she was pregnant in January 2020, and everything seemed exciting and promising. Moreover, the couple was more excited about it.

However, the year went a little funky toward March. This was one of the happiest things for them, but the pandemic completely ruined it.

There was no fresh food in the store, and she had to eat what they stored. Then later in mid-April, the store started having stuff again.

H2O-Delirious-Elizabeth Katz-baby-wife
H2O Delirious and Elizabeth Katz with their baby [Photo: YouTube/LizKatz]

The further biggest challenge was that she didn’t get enough support from her family and community due to the pandemic. Katz had Delirious at that time, and they ended up getting a new place together.

However, for the month leading up to that, it was just her and her son. She revealed that it was really hard. Nevertheless, Katz and Delirious were together later.

In the last week of September, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Babylirious. The family was happy to welcome their newest addition with sound health, given the situation of the world.

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Delightfully Welcomed Their Lovely Daughter in 2021

Elizabeth Katz revealed that she was having another baby through her YouTube video in May 2021.

Katz had tested multiple times with the pregnancy kit but got the same result. She still did not believe it and got a doctor’s appointment.

Finally, she believed that she gonna have a second child after having an ultrasound. The couple was expecting a second child just after six months of having the first baby.

Katz put the ultrasound and pregnancy test kits in the lunch box and gave him. He was stunned after seeing it.

H2O Delirious shared the post with her son and daughter on Father’s Day [Photo: Instagram]

“It hasn’t been a year,” he said. Then she stated that she had done an ultrasound five times.

In 2021, their daughter Littlelirious arrived. The family of four enjoys quality time together.

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For Katz, Gaming Was an Escape

Liz Katz, real name Elizabeth Katz, is a Cosplay model, writer, photographer, muse, and gamer.

She had a passion for gaming from a young age. Katz used to sit on her father’s lap to reach the computer and play Dragon’s Lair and McGee games.

As someone who suffered from severe social anxiety in school, she saw video games and card games as a release and escape.

She would compete in Magic the Gathering and develop theme parks in Roller Coaster Tycoon instead of learning how to braid her hair or paint her nails.

She was content in her virtual world and didn’t have much social life. Back then, there were no wireless multiplayer options, so her parents connected all their computers to LAN cables.

They ran through the floor and through rooms to play Diablo. Even though her mom would make fun of games and call them “dorky,” she still spent many hours on them.

She also had quite a few experiences at cons at a young age. Katz’s father would take her to conventions through the northeast. Some of her fondest memories with her dad growing up were of these adventures.

Nevertheless, fans are curious to know when their favorite YouTuber, H2O Delirious, makes Liz his wife. Well, hopefully, he does soon.