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Nevaaadaa Separated From Kolyunya | Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Himal Ale Magar


The popular social media personality Nevaaadaa is a Youtube vlogger and TikToker. Her real name is Nika, and she refers to her fans as Nevalings. Nika, aka Nevaaadaa, was in a long-distance relationship with her ex-boyfriend Kolyunya.

Recently, the Tiktoker has been rumored to be in a relationship with Asher.

The speculations started to brew when the two were spotted making cute TikTok videos together. However, neither has made any official comment if they were in a relationship.

Nevaaadaa and Kolyunya [Photo: Youtube]

Regardless, this has left her fans with more questions than answers. They are curious about Nevaaadaa’s relationship with Asher.

In response to their coming out, one of the fans commented, “They defenitly dating like the way they look at each other nahhh they gotta be dating.” Similarly, another fan said, “CAUGHT ON 4k.”

Did Nevaaadaa Marry Her Boyfriend?

Nevaaadaa married her ex-boyfriend Kolyunya on July 8, 2022, and called him her husband on her Telegram channel.

The ex-partners met each other via the means of Tiktok. She decided to text him first because he looked like Marcus from Ginny and Georgia.

The Tiktoker fell in love at first sight and wanted to collaborate with Kolyunya.

However, they lived in different countries, but the ex-partners did not let it affect them and collaborated nonetheless. Eventually, they got into a long-distance relationship and met for the first time shortly after.

Further, after getting the opportunity to join the XO Team, they became one of the most famous couples on Tiktok.

Their journey did not end there; the pair went to marry each other just a few months after dating each other. Nevaaadaa announced the news with a video on her YouYube channel with the caption, “From long distance relationship to wedding 💍.”

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Are Nevaaadaa And Kolyunya Separated?

Fans of Nevaaadaa were curious about her relationship after she started posting sad pictures and videos on her social media accounts.

In one of her Instagram stories, a fan asked her why was she depressed, and she replied with a picture that said, “Love Or Career?”

So, it might have been her depression was caused by the problems with her personal life.

When another fan asked her if she broke up with her Kolyunya, she replied with a picture and a caption that read, “Still Married.” So, fans started to contemplate that they might not be not together but were technically still married.

Nevaaadaa Accuses Her Boyfriend Of Cheating [Photo: Youtube]

Additionally, the rumors gained momentum after a fan asked her who makes her happy.

As a response, she uploaded a video on Tiktok that captioned, “friends.”

Besides, the two have not uploaded any videos that feature each other. Recently, Nevaaadaa uploaded a video regarding her trust issues and even pointed out she did not trust her husband, Kolyunya.

Did Nevaaadaa’s Boyfriend Cheat On Her? Why Did They Break Up?

Shortly after Nevaaadaa and Kolyunya separated, rumors started to spread that her ex-partner was cheating on her.

The speculation started when Nevaaadaa posted a picture with the caption, “He cheated on me.” Kolyunya replied to her allegation and commented, “False Dear.”

Moreover, to support her claims, Nevaaadaa shared voice messages of a girl who claimed Kolyunya stayed with her and spent the night together.

Ever since, Nevaaadaa has been posting how she was devasted by the incident and how she’s dealing with it with the help of her friends.

On the other hand, Kolyunya responded that their relationship did not start until they met for the first time.

He claimed Nevaaadaa accused him of her cheating when the two had not even met yet. He further added the incident she was talking about was ten days before Nevada and Kolyunya met for the first time.

Kolyunya further expressed he decided to break up because he was tired of the relationship.

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Is Asher Nevaaadaa’s New Boyfriend?

After her fallout with her ex-boyfriend Kolyunya, her fans were curious about her relationship with Asher.

Nevaaadaa And Asher [Photo: TikTok]

Fans have loved the duo so much that they affectionately call the couple Nasher. They have been wondering if the duo are just platonic pals or if there is a secret romance between them.

As the pair frequently featured each other on their TikTok videos, fans started to ask if their relationship had started to take a romantic turn.

One of her fans commented, “How are they only friends while doing these things.”

Another user commented, “Remember kids, this is what we call ‘friends’ now.”

However, regardless of their increasing popularity among their fans and affection for one another, the couple has yet to officially confirm their supposed relationship.

So, it seems like her fans would have to wait for Nevaaadaa’s word.