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GooGoo Atkins Revealed Her Boyfriend

Himal Ale Magar


After keeping her love life private for a number of years, stylist GooGoo Atkins finally revealed information about her current boyfriend.

A recent post she uploaded on her Instagram caused a massive uproar among her fans and followers. This led some of her fans to question Atkins’ relationship with the mystery guy in the picture.

Although vocal about her personal life, the celebrity stylist has always kept her love life away from the public’s eye. However, that might be about to change as Atkins did not hesitate to reveal her newfound love.

Who Is GooGoo Atkins’ New Beau?

Atkins has kept a tight lid on most of her relationships and her love life in general. However, GooGoo Atkins has changed her mind in recent times.

As fans had been wondering who she might be dating in recent years, Atkins has given the long-awaited answer.

“Me love you long time,” wrote Mary Mary’s younger sister in an Instagram post which was posted in April 2023. The picture featured her new boyfriend, whose identity was not revealed by GooGoo Atkins. It looks like the stylist still abides by her preference for privacy on some level.

GooGoo Atkins With Her New Beau [Photo: Instagram]

Nonetheless, some followers were hinting who the guy might be as one Instagram user wrote, “Oh that’s where you been at! Hiiiii James”. Similarly, another user commented, “My brother, J!!!!!”.

Regardless of all the speculations, GooGoo Atkins had not made any comment regarding the identity of her new boyfriend. So, it’s only a matter of time before the celebrity stylist spills some tea on the subject matter.

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GooGoo Atkins Revealed Which Of Her Ex-Boyfriend She Would Marry

When it comes to men and relationships, Atkins has not had any good luck in recent years. Regarding the subject, Madamenoire asked her a few questions in August 2018.

During the session, GooGoo Atkins revealed she had to deal with depression and sadness in the past and needed guidance from God to move on.

Moreover, when asked which of her ex she would kill and marry, Atkins expressed that she would kill Justin and marry Deon.

She added Deon and Atkins had differences, but Justin did things that she did not like to talk about even after years had passed.

Moreover, Atkins expressed that the worst guy she had dated was younger than her. She stated that the guy was not at her level at the time and was still transitioning into being a man.

Additionally, the stylist said they ended up breaking up because the younger guy she dated was a chronic cheater.

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What Happened Between GooGoo Atkins And Justin?

The relationship between Justin and GooGoo Atkins had caused major disputes and conflicts between her and her big sisters. Eventually, Fashion stylist and musician/producer Justin A. Moore broke up after dating for a year.

Praise 104.1 fm reported her relationship with her boyfriend Justin was the subject of issue for her sisters, Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell. The sisters went through numerous arguments and emotional disputes throughout the season of the reality series Mary Mary.

The report claimed the contention occurred because Atkins’ sister opposed her idea of moving to Atlanta and marrying Justin.

Justin A. Moore [Photo: Instagram]

Regarding their breakup, Atkins had said there was nothing horrible that had happened between them, but it just did not work out.

She added, “I pulled back and looked at the overall relationship and I just thought it would be best if we went our separate ways just as friends,” she expressed, before adding that Justin is a “good guy!”

On the other hand, Justin expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported him and Atkins’ relationship.

“I’d like to thank Goo for being the very best woman in the world,” he said. “She is the classiest and most-caring individual I have met to date, and I will always love her!”