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Valerie Lepelch and Her Boyfriend Skyyjade Had an Amicable Breakup

Binesh Shrestha


Many fans were heartbroken after learning Valerie Lepelch and her boyfriend Skyyjade had broken up. Well, not every relationship has a happy ending.

Even though they have parted ways, fortunately, the former couple is still on good terms.

Reasons behind Valerie and Skyyjade’s Break Up

As stated above, Valerie and Skyyjade have already decided to call it quits. In one of Skyyjade’s videos, he stated that there were various factors behind their split.

One of the reasons was that Skyyjade couldn’t collaborate with any of his friends. Another reason they mentioned was the long distance.

Since both of them considered themself “physical touch people,” it was difficult for them to be away from one another.

Rather than being in a relationship, the former pair thought they were better off as good friends. Nevertheless, even after ending their relationship, Valerie and Skyyjade are still good pals and often collaborate with one another.

Skyyjade uploaded a video in the first week of January titled ‘I WENT TO PERU TO SEE MY GIRLFRIEND | FT VALERIE LEPELCH AND JEZELLE CATHERINE.’ Many thought that they had patched up.

However, to make things clear, Valerie commented that they were not back together and asked the viewers to watch till the end for their explanation.

Then in a later video of Valerie, she further clarified that she and Skyyjade were still and would always be friends. She also assured that they would make TikToks and YouTube videos together, asking her fans not to worry.

Even if it was an amicable split, the former pair had a tough time. In a TikTok video, where they shared the heartbreaking news, it can be seen that both of them were pretty sad.

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Did Jezelle Have Anything to Do with the Pair’s Break Up?

Despite clarifying the reasons behind their break up, there were still many suspecting that their split wasn’t mutually agreed on.

More so, many blamed Jezelle Catherine as if she was also the reason for the duo to part ways. Not just that, some were even tagging her and condemning her character.

Nevertheless, Valerie made it clear that Jezelle had nothing to do with their breakup. Valerie also replied that people just hated Jezelle and wanted to create some drama.

Calerie Lepelch and her friend Jezelle Catherine. [Source Instagram]

There were also folks asking if Valeried disliked Jezelle off-camera.

To put that question to bed, the YouTuber simply replied no and added that she loved Jezelle very much and they were besties.

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Who Is Valerie’s Ex-boyfriend, Skyyjade?

It may sound surprising to many, but Skyyjade was actually born in Okinawa, Japan, on October 22, 1999. His real name is Sora Simmons.

Skyyjade is mostly known for his engaging content on different social media platforms. Valerie’s former partner has gathered a substantial number of followers by now.

He has over 6.3 million and 274K followers on his main TikTok and Instagram, respectively, and 2.61 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

Valerie Lepelch’s ex-boyfriend Skyyjade. [Source: Instagram]

Besides that, he has also got a considerable number of fans following his other social media accounts.

Speaking of his family, Skyyjade has four siblings; three sisters and a brother named Jordan. Like him, Jordan is also popular on TikTok.

In conclusion, it is evident that the social media stars parted ways in a friendly manner. It is not known if they have already moved on and found their new partners.

As per Valerie, she has only had one breakup. So knowing she has not got any other known relationship, could it be that Skyyjade was her first boyfriend?