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Mike Stoklasa’s Mysterious Girlfriend | Is He Married?

Himal Ale Magar


It is quite interesting that Mike Stoklasa, at his age, has not revealed information about his current love life. This has led to numerous speculations if the writer is currently in a relationship or married to a former cast member.

Fans have discussed the subject throughout the years but have not concluded anything as of this writing.

Mike Stoklasa And Jessi Nackles’ Relationship

The relationship between Mike and Jessi was confirmed by Mike himself in an interview, during which he mentioned her as his girlfriend.

Furthermore, a Reddit user noted that Jessi was a regular cast member of the comedy series Best of The Worst but stopped making any appearances. It was mentioned that there was a rumor that suggested Jessi was not featured because the two supposedly broke up.

On the other hand, rumors regarding Mike and Jessi Nackles being together started to gain more attention from their fans when a picture of them was uploaded on Reddit.

As a response to the post, one user wrote, “”Smile for the camera, honey.” “Existence is pain. Such an endless, gaping maw of cinematic excrement. I am filled with righteous hatred and despair.” “Smile, or I’m taking Rich with me.””

Mike Stoklasa [Photo: YouTube]

Other than that, Mike has not posted anything on his social media account that indicates that he is currently married. There are no hints regarding his relationship with Jessi as of this writing.

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Jessi Nackles Left Best of The Worst

Jessi was a regular cast of RedLetterMedia’s Best Of The Worst series until she unexpectedly left. She made her initial appearance in the very first episode of the series.

However, despite being adored by her fans, Jessies quit the show after being featured for the final time in episode 31, which was titled ‘Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst#7.’

There were several speculations on why Jessi left the show. Fans took to Reddit to discuss why the beloved cast had to quit. One user noted there was a subreddit dedicated to Jessie, which influenced her to stay off-camera.

Moreover, it was mentioned there was another thread on 4chan about Jessi and RLM. Users on Reddit claimed there was a weird fandom who sought to stalk the cast of the series.

The fandom found out she was engaged in a band and created the aforementioned thread and subreddit for people to share information about her.

So, some fans believed it was the reason why she did not want to be in the show anymore. Apart from being a former cast of the comedy series, she was also an active member of the band The New Loud.

Moreover, she has also been credited for appearing in movies like Space CopThe Great Space Jam, and Previously Recorded.

However, despite amassing significant fans as a musician and actress, Jessi has not been active on social media. Moreover, there is no information regarding her personal life after she departs from the comedy series.

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Mike Stoklasa Criticized Star Wars

In December 2009, Mike uploaded a review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The review of George Lucas’s film lasted for 70 minutes, during which the writer scrutinized Lucas’s filmmaking and his betrayal to the fans of the series.

Once uploaded, the video went viral all over social media. However, despite all the attention, Stoklasa remained a mystery himself.

Mike Stoklasa Examined The Millennium Falcon [Photo: YouTube]

Since graduating in 2002 from Chicago’s Columbia College, the Milwaukee-based filmmaker has been making low-budget features like The Recovered and Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant.

Besides, the writer is best known for his work in The Great Space Jam and Space Cop. Further, he has produced other works under RedLetterMedia, which included The Grabowskis, re: View, Half in the Bag (2011), and Best of the Worst.

Apart from his work, it still remains a mystery if Stoklasa is married or has someone special in his life.