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Who is Eden McCoy Dating in 2023? Traveling & Falling in Love


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While everything seemed to be going well for the couple, they have now archived or deleted their Instagram posts featuring one another. Eden, who used to comment on Jose’s Instagram posts, has not commented since January 2023.

While they still follow one another on their respective social media handles, they have refrained from revealing the reason behind the deleted posts.

The Game Shakers star, Eden McCoy, was in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, José San Martín. The couple started dating in 2022, and their relationship is nothing short of a fairytale.

The two-time Emmy award nominee first announced her relationship in June 2022 via Instagram, sharing a beautiful shot of them embracing one another at Beso Beach.

Around the same time, the boyfriend put up another post on his Instagram, gushing over the bunny-eared soap star sitting on his lap, cuddled up in his arms. He wrote,

“To the prettiest girl, I’ve ever met in a library, Happy bday.”

The Thundermans actress reciprocated, “I love you [bunny emoji] last sentence NOT TRUE ANYMORE.”

Eden McCoy boyfriend Jose San Martin
Jose’s Birthday Wish [Photo: Instagram]

McCoy has never shied away from showing her love for her boyfriend through social media. The pair went on several vacations together, and she frequently gushed about him and the photos she took until late 2022.

Regrettably, as of 2023, Eden and her boyfriend have stopped posting about one another. Although they initially shared a few more posts, it appears they’ve archived most of them.

However, the saucy comments remain untouched. Eden was always quick to comment on her boyfriend’s pictures with humor.

On August 2022, when Jose posted an image of himself in front of the mirror, Eden quickly commented, “This is what happens when you date a Gemini.”

Since she archived all her romantic pictures with her boyfriend and started posting cozy pictures with her co-star, Evan, fans are beyond intrigued.

Are Evan Hofer and Eden McCoy Really Dating?

Josslyn and Dex, portrayed by Eden and Evan, sparked rumors about Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer. Their electric chemistry piqued General Hospital‘s fans.

Further, Eden’s Twitter suggested that something could be happening between the two – as her timeline is flooded with pictures of the alleged couple.

Eden McCoy and her on screen boyfriend Evan Hofer
Eden McCoy and her on-screen boyfriend [Photo: Twitter]

Moreover, Evan tweeted a picture of him and Eden sporting bunny headgear for Easter. Fans were quick to talk about the post when the GH star coyly commented, ‘Somebunny loves you.”

All that to say, the rumors of Eden and Evan being a ‘thing’ behind the scene became prominent after McCoy wished him on his birthday. The post has a long thread, but Evan’s comment, “You’re the best wifey,” bamboozled Jennifer King with 188 others.

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Eden McCoy’s On-screen Boyfriend—William Lipton

If you know Eden from General Hospital, you will acknowledge the undeniable chemistry between Josslyn Jacks and Cameron Webber.

With their romance budding on screen, GH fans began speculating if the co-stars were actually dating.

Adding fuel to the rumor mill, the duo frequently shared BTS photos and videos of being cozy on set. Needless to say, these posts sparked speculations regarding their off-screen relationship.

Eden McCoy and William Lipton
Eden McCoy and William Lipton [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, when Lipton’s original song, North Star, aired, Eden couldn’t help but admire her on-screen boyfriend on Twitter. In a now-deleted tweet, she captioned, “I couldn’t be prouder of this guy right here.”

“@LiptonWilliam, now the world knows how amazingly talented you really are!” she concluded.

The on-screen duo never confirmed the rumors. But their screen chemistry and close friendship kept the rumors mill spilling until they parted ways in the series itself.