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Hottest Weather Girl Got Dumped By Her Gamer Boyfriend

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Dubbed the world’s hottest weather girl by The Sun, Yanet Garcia revealed that she was heartbroken after getting dumped by her pro-gamer boyfriend. She revealed that her ex-boyfriend Douglas ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin wanted to spend more time playing Call Of Duty.

Since then, the model and weathercaster Yanet has been a topic of discussion, particularly in regard to her relationship and dating life. After breaking up with Martin, she was in a relationship with Lewis Howes, who is an American author.

Yanet Garcia [Photo: Instagram]

Sadly, after two years of relationship, Yanet and Lewis ended their relationship. Besides, despite her popularity in the media, she has lived a low-key lifestyle. So, one might wonder if the Mexican model is currently in a secretive relationship.

Yanet and Ex-Boyfriend Douglas’ Relationship

According to the report by The Sun, Yanet said she did not expect Martin would dump her to spend more time playing games.

She added, “So, I am relaxed, at peace, I keep what was good about the relationship in my heart. We were in a long distance relationship, it was very difficult.”

Further, Yanet expressed that she did not judge him and wished he would win the championship. She said that they were a couple working on social media platforms, and Martin had commitments to his followers, while Yanet had her job and projects.

Yanet Garcia’s Ex-Boyfriend Doug Censor Martin [Photo: Instagram]

DailyMail claimed the former couple had been living together for over a year in New York. As per the same report, Douglas Martin revealed that their relationship changed after Yanet relocated to Mexico City to pursue her dream as a model and an actress.

Further, the gamer bluntly stated that he did not have time for a girlfriend and wanted to dedicate himself to winning the Call of Duty Championship. After their breakup, Yanet took to Twitter to express her grief, which received numerous love and support from her fans.

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Yanet Garcia’s Love Life with Former Boyfriend Lewis Howes

After her story came to an end with Martin, Yanet started a new chapter in her life with Lewis Howes. He is best known as an author, former pro athlete, and podcast host. The two started dating in early 2019.

To celebrate their anniversary in 2020, Lewis uploaded a post on his Instagram. He wrote about how magical the past year had been for him. Lewis added he was not particularly looking for a girlfriend or a wife but felt he was having a great time with Yanet Garcia.

After being in a relationship with Lewis for over a year, Yanet decided to move with him to the United States. She even quit her job as a weather reporter to live together with him. Eventually, she started getting into numerous photoshoots and modeling campaigns.

Yanet’s Former Boyfriend Lewis Howes [Photo: Instagram]

However, despite starting together, Yanet and Lewis’s relationship came to an end. Their bond started to crumble down after Yanet decided to join OnlyFans.

Lewis was reported to be unhappy about her decision, which led to their breakup. Recently, Yanet posted a video on her Instagram regarding her involvement in Onlyfans, where she asked her fans to check out her exclusive content.

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Does Yanet Garcia Currently Have A Boyfriend?

Currently, Yanet Garcia has not made any announcements or commented about her relationship status. However, Glamourbuff claimed that the Mexican model is currently in a relationship.

The report claimed that Yanet had found her new boyfriend. It is said that Yanet was in a relationship with Dr. Mike Varshavski, who is also known as Dr. Mike.

Mike is renowned as a specialist in family medicine and an internet personality who has attained over 4 million followers on his Instagram account.

Additionally, he was named the sexiest doctor alive by People magazine in 2015. Although no confirmation has come from both of them, Yanet and Mike follow each on Instagram. Hopefully, one of them confirms soon.