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FJ Outlaw Is Smitten with His Girlfriend Jessica Simpson

Dinesh Shrestha


Justin Mende, mainly known by his stage name FJ Outlaw, is in a relationship with his lovely girlfriend Jessica Simpson. The two have been spending precious time together for some time now.

Furthermore, the pair celebrate special occasions together and constantly share those pictures on their social media handles, especially FJ Outlaw.

FJ Outlaw and Jessica Simpson Made Their Love Instagram Official in 2021

The musical artist and his girlfriend Jessica made their relationship Instagram official in December 2021. He shared a beautiful picture with her and penned a heartfelt caption.

He expressed his gratitude to her through the caption, saying, “You’re A beautiful soul, and it means the world to me.” He said that Jessica tried so hard to fix him when he was broke after his little brother died. He was, therefore, really appreciative of it.

A week later, the rapper’s lover shared a photo with him for the first time. Since then, the adorable couple started sharing each other’s pictures on Instagram constantly. The duo’s relationship has gotten better and better over time.

FJ Outlaw made his relationship with girlfriend Instagram official in 2021 [Photo: Instagram]

FJ Outlaw and Jessica have been spending quality time together. Plus, the duo celebrates special occasions like Christmas, Halloween, and others.

The two also go on a gym date. The musical artist recently shared their picture on Valentine’s Day and penned a lengthy caption dedicated to his girlfriend.

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Meet FJ Outlaw’s Girlfriend: Uncovering the Identity of Jessica Simpson

FJ’s Outlaw girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, is a fitness freak and a bodybuilder. She constantly focuses on her body and hits the gym daily.

She has been an inspiration for a lot of people who want to be their body fit. The athlete also coached previously in the Team Modern Fit. Moreover, Jessica also participated in the NPC Figure Division in 2017-18 and became a winner.

FJ Outlaw lost some weight [Photo: Instagram]

She has also been preparing to compete in the next NPC competition. She shared a post in August and said, “10 Weeks and 5 Days Until I hit the stage again competing in the NPC.” Jessica also lost some weight in 2023 to take part in the competition.

Besides that, FJ Outlaw’s belle recently released a couple of songs, ‘Bounce’ and ‘X’ED,’ which she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

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FJ Outlaw Welcomed a Beautiful Daughter with His Ex-partner

The musical artist has a beautiful child, Chloe, from his ex-partner. It is unknown if the duo ever tied the knot at one point in their life, but they ended their relationship after welcoming a child.

In an Instagram post, he said the two had many ups and downs in their relationship, but she gifted him a great gift: a daughter. Further, he said,

12 years ago today the mother of my child woke me up with the greatest gift a new father could ever get , blows to the face, it was a whole [sic] show and I ended up going to jail even though I was the only one with marks on me due to the fact she was pregnant with my daughter.

However, he was confident to say that he didn’t hate her. Nevertheless, his current girlfriend has welcomed two daughters, Delani and Savannah.

FJ Outlaw with his two daughters, spending quality time with them [Photo: Instagram]

The two have a great relationship with each other’s children, spending quality time with them. Both of them often shared their children’s pictures on their respective social media handles, especially Jessica.

Recently, on Father’s Day in June, he also shared his two daughters’ pictures. Jessica also commented on the post, saying, “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.” FJ Outlaw and Jessica are having a good time together raising their children.