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Meet Kristina Crestin’s Husband: Her Relationship with Jonathan Knight Explained

Himal Ale Magar


The chemistry between Kristina Crestin and Jonathan Knight on HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer caught the attention of many fans. Some people even thought Knight to be Crestin’s husband.

So, is the chemistry and bonding seen on the screen due to something that’s going on behind the scenes? Are Crestin and Knight a real-life couple?

The Relationship Between Crestin and Knight

Crestin and Knight’s undeniable chemistry and bonding have been loved by many. So, it is no wonder viewers are questioning their relationship.

Well, Kristina Crestin’s partner in the show Farmhouse Fixer is living a happy married life. Speaking with ET’s Matt Cohen, Knight revealed that he has tied the knot.

When asked about the ring on his finger, the singer revealed about their wedding. He added, “But everybody just assumed we’re married, so I never say yes or no ’cause I don’t wanna lie.”

Jonathan Knight’s Partner, Harley Rodriguez [Photo: Instagram]

Jonathan Knight secretly married his long-time partner of 15 years, Harley Rodriguez. However, they missed celebrating their weddings because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, Kristina is also happily married to her husband, Kirby Crestin. The couple has an interesting meet-cute.

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Kristina Crestin Met Her Husband at a Construction Site

In an interview with Scout & Nimble, the designer revealed that she met her husband, Kirby Crestin, at a construction site sometime in 2004. According to The Cinemaholic, she was working in the architecture firm Siemasko + Verbridge, and he needed some work done at his place.

Furthermore, the two stayed in touch even after Kristins departed the firm, and the rest, as they say, is history. Moreover, initially, she was not sure if she preferred to live in the coastal region of North Shore, away from her home.

However, that all changed after meeting Kirby, and she fell in love with the beauty of the coast, and the place eventually became their home.

Kristina Crestin With Her Husband Kirby Crestin [Photo: Instagram]

The couple has been together for over a decade; they live in an exquisite property near a lake in New England. Besides, despite her popularity, the designer prefers to keep her married life private.

So, Kristina or her husband has not disclosed the information regarding their engagement and marriage. Nevertheless, she has always been very vocal about her tight work schedule and how her hubby has greatly supported her throughout their marital life.

She penned an Instagram post about how patient her husband was while they handled the show’s projects. She also talked about how he helped her get furniture, run errands to get things, hang all the art, and bring their houseplants back and forth to every home.

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Kristina Crestin Is a Pet Mama

Kristina and Kirby are yet to welcome their children. Nevertheless, she is a pet mama to her Weimaraner mix rescue named Cooper.

Likewise, she also loves her vintage pickup truck. She has described her pet and the truck as her babies. Both have appeared in a few episodes of Farmhouse Fixer over the years.

Kristina Crestin’s Pet Cooper And Truck Dixie [Photo: Instagram]

Kristina stated that the appearance of Cooper in one of the episodes in 2021 was one of her favorite things from the season.

On the other hand, her other baby, the 1955 vintage pickup truck, is named Dixie. The designer said she always wanted a vintage truck, so they searched and restored one.

Further, Kristina painted the truck with a bright turquoise color to bring it to life. She added, “There’s nothing better than cruising around town or to a job site.”