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Did Dylan Lane Suffer an Illness? Was it Cancer?

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The popular host for GSN’s television game show, Chain Reaction, Dylan Lane, gained attention during the mid-2000s after he became its host. A year later, he left the show.

As a result, fans started speculating he left the show because of his illness. After leaving the industry for a significant amount of time, he returned as the game show host fourteen years later, in 2021.

Dylan Lane [Photo: Facebook]

Upon his return, fans were concerned after seeing him hairless. They assumed that he had taken a break from the show due to cancer or a certain illness. Thus, the question regarding his personal life and departure got significant attention.

Did Dylan Lane Leave the Show Because of an Illness?

The TV personality gained massive popularity during his career as a host for numerous production of GSN. His whereabouts have been heavily discussed since his first season of Chain Reaction stopped filming in 2007.

As mentioned earlier, many assumed he left the show due to illness. However, that’s not the case. According to the reports by Fox28, Dylan left the show and the entertainment industry to pursue a stable career.

The TV show host went back to college and pursued renewable energy engineering. Additionally, he worked several jobs in marketing and finally decided to work in the wind turbine industry.

Dylan then went to a technical school to learn how to maintain wind turbines. He moved to Kansas and worked on wind turbines. Eventually, he moved to New York after he received a job offer with GE as a fleet performance engineer.

Dylan Lane On Chain Reaction [Photo: Facebook]

The Huntingdon High School graduate has been working as an engineer for General Electricity Renewable Energy since November 2018 in Schenectady, New York.

Regarding his comeback, Dylan said that he had been lured back for a new edition of Chain Reaction and hoped that he and the game – while older – are also wiser! as per the report by Fox28.

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Is There Any Illness Behind Dylan’s Hair Loss?

As mentioned earlier, fans were concerned regarding Dylan’s hair loss. They believed it was due to chemotherapy. While he has not talked much about the matter, he appears to be healthy. So, the hair loss could have been hereditary or any other factor.

For the revival of the GSN show, Dylan received a leave of absence from his previous workplace. It allowed him to finish another season of the popular TV show.

When Dylan was asked about his comeback after a long time, he responded, “If there’s another season or two that’d be great, I’d love to host but he said he also loves to stay as an engineer.”

Besides, he expressed that he had no idea that he would receive a call to reprise his role in the game show.

Dylan described his initial reactions upon receiving the call to be a prank. He shared that it could have been some of his classmates who could have pulled the joke on him.

Further, the Pennsylvania native added that it was flattering for him to receive the offer. He shared he was skeptical if the studio wanted an old guy with less hair.

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Is the Game Show Host Married?

Dylan is happily married to his wife, Nicole Lane. Despite being a popular figure in the entertainment industry, Dylan has not revealed his personal life to the eye of the public.

However, the couple revealed that they met on the dance floor of the wedding party which Nicole was attending, and Dylan had crashed.

Dylan Lane With His Family [Photo: Facebook]

Nicole noticed the game show host was dancing shirtless. She approached Dylan and said, “If you don’t button up, I’m going to braid your chest hair,” as reported by News10.

The two ended up dancing all night, and the rest is history. Dylan and Nicole both share a sense of adventure. Over the years, their love for each other only got stronger.