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Simeon Panda and Wife Chanel: World’s Fittest Couple?

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Renowned as the fittest couple in the world, Simeon Panda and his wife, Chanel Panda, are obsessed with working out. They have been making waves in the fitness world.

Simeon, 36, and Chanel, 30, are an enigmatic entrepreneurial pair based in London and have their own diets to work out. Simeon, who formerly worked at a software firm, and the makeup artist Chanel have accumulated an immense fan following on social media.

The couple leveraged this opportunity to launch their own gym accessories and clothing brand. Further, Simeon and Chanel work out together and have matching diets.

Simeon Panda With Wife Chanel Panda [Photo: Instagram]

The couple revealed that their diet was 90 percent healthy and contained a substantial portion of vegetables. Simeon and his partner Chanel also traveled the world, attending several fitness expos and influencing thousands of fans and followers.

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How Did Simeon Meet Chanel?

The fitness influencer and Chanel Coco have been together for almost a decade. According to the reports by TheDailyStar, Simeon met Chanel around 2012.

Regarding the encounter with Chanel, he said, “We first met in 2012 and I was blown away by how beautiful Chanel was inside and out. We had a great first date but for whatever reason, we didn’t get together. Our second date didn’t take place until late 2014. We hit it off and within a few months became a couple.”

Eventually, Simeon Panda proposed to Chanel Coco Brown in Malibu in June 2019. Simeon shared the news to his fans on Facebook with a caption that read, “From my girlfriend and best friend to my fiancée and soon to be my wife 🙌🏾⁣⁣⁣.”

Simeon Panda With Chanel Panda [Photo: Facebook]

Their happiness would not end there, as the couple shared their wedding vows in December 2020 in El Matador Beach, Malibu. According to Simeon’s Facebook post, despite planning a big wedding in the UK, the couple got married with just the two of them.

He further expressed the wedding would take place with the attendance of their friends and family when things went back to normal.

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Is Simeon’s Wife Pregnant? Do They Have A Baby?

Simeon’s wife, Chanel, runs a beauty brand and lifestyle blog. She has become addicted to weight training and found success with her workout guides, The Tone & Curve Plan. She shares most of her content on lifestyle vlogs on her official Youtube channel Chanel Coco Brown.

The fitness star announced the news of her pregnancy with her husband, Simeon, on the channel. The video was uploaded to Youtube on January 16, 2022, titled “WE’RE HAVING A BABY! THE MOMENT WE FOUND OUT.”

She also expressed in the video that she was unprepared for how hard it would be. Chanel further had to make frequent hospital visits to mitigate her pregnancy symptoms.

The couple welcomed their child, Asher Panda, on July 15, 2022. They announced the arrival of their baby boy via Instagram.

Simeon And Chanel With Son Asher [Photo: Instagram]

Additionally, Chanel revealed her birth story on January 12, 2023, on her Youtube channel. She added that Asher was born via means of emergency C-section.

She further disclosed that her first introduction to her son was through Facetime as he was rushed to the intensive care unit. After giving birth to her son Asher, Chanel took a break from social media to enable herself to heal physically and mentally.

Now, the family of three is living a great life. Chanel and Simeon are raising their kid well and side by side, making their names in the fitness world.