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Dave Bayley | His Partner And Gay Rumors Revealed

Himal Ale Magar


Regarding his musical creation, fans have always wondered if Dave Bayley’s inspiration came from his relationship with his partner.

In addition, users on Reddit were also interested in Bayley’s sexuality and wondered if he was gay. The subject has been a topic of debate for years in online forums.

Dave Bayley Quarantined With His partner

Evening Standard reported that Bayley has a partner, and they lived together in Hackney, London. Further, they also quarantined together during the covid-19 pandemic.

The interviewer described the couple’s lockdown zone as pleasant, filled with large palm tree-like plants.

Regarding the quarantine stay, Bayley said, “Maybe the stress and the anxiety of all this, plus the isolation, could be quite healthy for people’s creativity in a weird way. Or maybe people have just run out of weed and started to be more productive.”

Dave Bayley [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, during the interview, singer Bayley did not mention much information about his relationship. So, the identity and the other details of his partner remain a mystery for now.

It seems like the pair preferred to keep their personal life out of the limelight.

Dave Bayley’s Inspiration Reportedly Came From His Partner

Reddit users dedicated a subreddit to discuss if the singer was in a relationship or was married. In the thread, one user noted an interesting take on his relationship status.

The user pointed out that in the music video ‘Dreamland’ by Glass Animals, Bayley was credited for every production role, whereas Kayleigh Broddle was credited with ‘All Of The Above.’ To be noted, the video also suggested that it was made in quarantine.

Similarly, another user suggested that, presumably, Broddle was physically there to help Bayley set everything up.

Besides, as per the report by Belfast Telegraph, the band’s album Dreamland documented the nervous excitement of a burgeoning relationship.

Given that the songs in the album originated in Bayley’s Brain, it is most likely there were clues about his partner in the songs’ lyrics.

However, Bayley has not made any comment about the subject as of this writing. So, it is unclear if the person mentioned in the video was his partner or if the singer was in a relationship with someone else.

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Bromance Between the Glass Animals’ Members Joe and Dave

Reddit fans were flabbergasted after a photo was uploaded to Glass Animals’ official Twitter account in February 2021. The post featured Bayley hugging his bandmate Joe Seaward and holding his hands as they slept.

This left fans curious and urged them to ask the question if Bayley was gay. Similarly, on Reddit, fans were clueless about how other users on the platform would interpret the photo.

As a response, a Reddit user noted that Joe and Bayley were just super close with each other, and it was great to see them being comfortable. Whereas another user wrote, “Normalize affectionate male friendships. It’s nice to see, either way.”

Glass Animals Members [Photo: Instagram]

However, fans could not make any assumptions as they believed friends could love each other too. They added it would not disappoint them if they found out they were dating and expressed the two could just be best friends.

Besides, it was also believed that Joe’s accident in Dublin, Ireland made their bond stronger than it was before. So, their affection could not be anything other than a strong companionship between two friends.

Further, Joe and Bayley have not made any comment or official statement about the subject.

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LGBTQ+ Community Felt Expressed Through Dave Bayley’s Music

The rumors regarding Bayley’s sexuality started when fans started to notice the supposed hidden meaning in his songs. One user noted that his friend speculated about the singer’ was gay’s sexuality based on the lyrics of his songs.

Similarly, another Reddit user commented, “I’m bi and I feel like I have a pretty good bi-dar, and I really get the bi vibe from him. Obviously, it doesn’t matter what his sexual orientation is, but I think he’s bi.”

Likewise, another user noted, “Nobody knows. There’s plenty of evidence he COULD be gay or bisexual but nobody knows for sure. And honestly, I don’t need to know. He could like [expletive] inanimate objects and I’d still love him for his genuine attitude and well-written music. [sic]”

Furthermore, another user stated, “I’m bi and I feel like I have a pretty good bi-dar, and I really get the bi vibe from him. Obviously, it doesn’t matter what his sexual orientation is, but I really think he’s bi.”

Besides, regarding his supposed coming out, fans were positive. They expressed that they felt represented and loved listening to artists who belonged to the queer community.

Moreover, fans were delighted that celebrities who belonged to the LGBTQ+ community helped with their self-acceptance at an early age.