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Chuck Carroll And His Wife Adopted Plant-Based Diet

Himal Ale Magar


Renowned as ‘The Weight Loss Champion’ for losing 275 pounds, Chuck Carroll’s inspirational journey was not easy. Like many others, he tried and failed on several occasions, but he had the support and encouragement from his wife, which kept him motivated.

During his commitment, any achievement he had was short-lived. At his heaviest, Chuck was consuming an astounding 10,000 calories every day.

Chuck Carroll’s Wife Survived a Stroke

In one of the episodes of The Exam Room podcast, Chuck Carroll was joined by none other than his wife, Julie Wright. The episode highlighted how avoiding a high-fat diet could significantly reduce the risk of stroke.

His wife was a stroke survivor who shared how her gym trip turned into a hospital stay. She revealed how she experienced the life-changing event while in the middle of the training session. The incident changed her life and forced her to change her lifestyle and eating habits.

Chuck Carroll And Julie Wright [Photo: Facebook]

Julie further added during her recovery, food was never discussed by her doctors. She expressed it was not until when she began her research and found healthier options for her recovery.

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Chuck and His Wife Opted For a Plant-Based Diet

The year was 2009 when Chuck decided to have weight loss surgery out of desperation. The host of The Exam Room podcast, who was 27 then, believed he would not live until 30. So, he thought he’d at least be in the grave knowing he tried everything.

Following the surgery, he was able to kick the fast food addiction. He used to eat a lot of those nutrition bars that were supposed to be meal replacements.

He revealed in an interview with The Beet, “I thought that that was healthy and I didn’t know that any food that has a laundry list of ingredients means it’s probably not healthy, especially when you can’t pronounce them. But that was my diet for the first few years.

At that time, Chuck was dating his high school crush, who had just gotten her health coach certification. She influenced him to eat a clean diet and add more fruits and vegetables.

Chuck Carroll [Photo: Facebook]

Carroll was just introduced to a plant-based diet but had no proper direction to follow. However, it all changed after he met Austin Aries.

In an interview with Aries, Carroll was told to watch a documentary called What the Health. Regarding the influence of the documentary on his outlook on nutrition, Carroll said, “Once I watched that documentary, I understood even more about what it was that I was putting into my body.”

He made his wife, who was skeptical at first regarding his decision to go vegan, convinced that it was the best idea to adopt that lifestyle by making her watch the documentary.

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Plant-Based Diet Helped Chuck Overcome Obesity

Chuck’s journey was not easy, and he had to show incredible resilience to achieve his objectives. At a young age, Chuck started to gain significant weight gain which continued into his twenties.

Knowns as Big Chuck, who worked as a radio host for BIG 100.3 in Washington, D.C., thought his weight was reasonable, as he had to live up to his larger-than-life persona.

He was eating high calories and high fat every day. This restricted him from walking long distances without running, sweating profusely, or running out of breath. It was then Chuck realized he had to change his lifestyle.


Eventually, he adopted the plant-based diet with his wife, which not only helped them live a healthy lifestyle but reduced their medical expenses as well.

By adopting the plant-based diet, Chuck was not afraid he would regain weight like he did before. Additionally, he was optimistic about lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Cancer, which ran in his family.

Also, the particular change in his diet and lifestyle changes helped him lose weight and enabled him to pursue his dream of becoming a reporter for CNS and, later, NBC News Radio.

Later, he would join the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine as the host of The Exam Room podcast.

He was delighted to share his passion and talent with the committee and help other patients with chronic diseases.

Moreover, Chuck had a firm belief that the impossible was possible, and through dedication and commitment, one can get healthy.