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Aly Drummond Convinced Her Husband into Traditional Gender Roles

Binesh Shrestha


In the 21st century world, where many women fight for their rights to have a job and work, Aly Drummond has emerged as someone who doesn’t quite follow the trend.

Instead, she insisted on becoming a housewife to her husband. She even convinced her spouse Tom to follow traditional gender roles.

Aly’s Suggestion Took Her Husband by Surprise

It is not every day that you will find a woman who would suggest that she stay at home while their husband works. When Aly thought that her beau wanted more attention to their house and to himself, she suggested she could stay home.

Tom and Aly have been married for almost three years now. It is evident that their love for one another is still the same.

Since Aly has often stated that being a housewife was a job, she also earned a salary through it. When her husband asked how much money per week did she need to do fun things, she simply asked $100 for her snacks and coffee.

Alongside that, he also paid for her living and also has got a health insurance plan.

Well, Tom’s wife Aly became viral in the last weeks of May 2022. She said, “If you’re a woman, get yourself a husband, not a job.” Not all took it seriously, as many took her career alternative as a troll.

Aly’s friend had posted a now-deleted video in TikTok titled ‘How to marry a high-value man and become a housewife.’

When asked, “What do you do for a living?” Drummond flaunted her wedding ring, stating she loved her husband. She further stated that being a housewife was an actual job.

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Aly Met Her Husband at Work

Before fully committing as a wife, Aly had a different job. She met Tom when they were both working in the military.

Alongside work, she was also studying. However, it all changed after she got engaged to Tom.

Tom didn’t even know what he was missing. Before marrying, he always had a mindset that he wanted to be a physicist triathlete.

Aly Drummond and her husband Tom. [Source: YouTube]

There’s a sweet story behind what made Tom think that he would marry Aly.

Well, she once saw ripe wild garlic and picked it for her partner. She then came up to him with a smile and dirt under her fingernails which he loved.

It was only after being in a relationship with the beautiful lady he realized how wonderful it was to have a traditional relationship with gender separations,

Furthermore, Tom is reportedly enjoying a stress-free life thanks to their arrangement. The feeling is mutual between the husband-wife duo, as Aly is also earning more than she did in the military.

She has repeatedly said that it was the best job she has ever had.

Aly doesn’t expose her husband to the media much. Whenever she uploaded his photos, she made sure to hide his face.

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Proud Parents of One

In addition to being a housewife, Aly is also a mother now. She welcomed her daughter after five days of labor and said it was worth it for the squishy baby toes.

After Tom and Aly’s daughter’s arrival, she posted on her Instagram saying childbirth was easy and she had a child with the intent to find goodness and do good.

Aly Drummond with her daughter. [Source: Instagram]

Additionally, the couple’s kid didn’t arrive in the way Aly wanted her to, but in a way that had to be done. It was a shocking experience for the housewife and took some time to process.

Nevertheless, she forgot the whole ordeal after she held the little one.

No matter what people have to say about her, Aly doesn’t mind them much. In the end, she is a loving wife and a caring mother fulfilling her duties for the betterment of her family.