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Did Damien Haas and Saige Ryan Actually Date?

Dinesh Shrestha


Damien Haas and Saige Ryan’s relationship was loved by their fans. The girlfriend and boyfriend used to appear together on several videos in Twitch streams and other social media platforms.

However, it has been some time now since fans saw them together. Therefore, netizens have been curious to know whether they are still together.

Damien’s Insta Post Made Folks Think That They Were Dating

Damien and Saige did not make any comments on their relationship until November 2021. Both of them shared beautiful pictures from Halloween, thus confirming their relationship.

Haas penned, “November? Did you mean “Halloween victory lap?” alongside the photos. Fans were shocked as they had not officially mentioned anything. Unfortunately, the post has now been deleted.

Likewise, a few days later, Haas shared a series of photos from their vacation at Monterosso Cinque Terre while enjoying each other company at the beach.

These photos confirmed their relationship as the pictures spoke for themselves. Even more, while she was live on Twitch stream, fans asked if they were together. She answered, “We’re together.”

Damien Haas and Saige Ryan haven’t clarified yet if they ever dated [Photo: Instagram]

Saige also shared a couple of moments with him on her Instagram profile in the first month of 2022. Moreover, the two are also seen together in Twitch streams.

However, they stopped sharing pictures, and this made fans question if things were going well for the couple.

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Fans Are Curious to Know If They Are Still Together

The couple was seen together for the last time in May 2022 in the video titled “Damien Interviews His Exes.” The video was uploaded to the Smosh, which is a YouTube sketch comedy-improv collective channel.

At first, he asked her, “What initially attracted you to me?” She replied, “Well, it’s just so rare to meet a blue-haired white guy who likes anime.”

The actress further added that he showed her how to read the Manga. Then, the couple was never seen together, nor did they post each other on social media.

In addition, the two don’t follow each other on social media or post about each other. Netizens also started to discuss the topic on Reddit.

Most of the folks believed that the duo wasn’t together now. Some even noticed that she moved to a new house, and she shot one of her latest TikTok in her bedroom, and it was not the same bedroom that had appeared on both of their old IG posts.

Furthermore, she posted a picture with Anthony in August 2022 on her Twitter account, saying, “Holy heck we made it two years.” Furthermore, she penned that they would be throwing a real celebration soon.

The post caused more confusion among netizens. But, in a recent post, she mentioned him as a friend.

Saige Ryan Is a Twitch Streamer, Actress, and Singer

Saige Ryan was born on December 3, 1995, in Orange County, California, USA. Her birth name is Saige Ryan Noel Campbell, as per IMDB.

She is an actress, singer, and dancer. She had appeared in several movies, which helped her to garner a huge fan following. The actress started to dance at the age of 3 and began her acting career at just seven years old.

Her popular movies are I Heart HuckabeesBelieversForget Me Not, and Maybe Someday. Plus, she has done 40+ national commercials.

Saige-Ryan is a Twitch streamer, actress, and dancer [Photo: Instagram]

The movie Someday, in which she played the lead role of Abigail Donnelly, was nominated for Best Picture at the 2016 Carmel Film Festival.

In addition, she also performs on her YouTube channel, where she posts singing videos. She is currently living in North Hollywood, CA.

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Damien Often Tweets about His Former Girlfriend

Damien Haas often tweets about his past relationship. He had his first-ever girlfriend when he was in first grade. But his partner broke up with him by saying, “I like Leonardo DiCaprio better.”

He further said in the tweet, “I remember thinking that that was crazy – why would a man 16+ years older than us EVER be interested in her?”

Back in 2016, he was in a relationship with Sydne Mikelle. He didn’t share her picture but constantly mentioned her in his Instagram post. The actor also wished her a Happy birthday in October 2016.

Furthermore, he also posted his picture captured by Sydne Mikelle. But things might have not gone well in their relationship, which led them to split up.