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Is Chance Perdomo gay? Unveiling the Truth

Dinesh Shrestha


Some netizens believed Chance Perdomo was gay, while others believed he was not. The rumors and speculations regarding his sexuality began to spread when he played a pansexual role in the series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The actor’s personal life is shrouded in mystery. So, it is not sure whether or not Chance is gay offscreen. He has shared that he valued his privacy regarding personal matters.

Chance Addressed Speculations Regarding His Sexuality

In the series, the actor portrayed Ambrose Spellman, a pansexual character who had a relationship with both men and women. His accurate act left the fans stunned.

As a result, netizens began to raise questions about his sexuality, and the rumors of him being gay started. He eventually responded to the gay rumor without revealing his sexuality.

Talking to W Magazine, the actor revealed that ever since taking on the character of Ambrose, he came to believe that sexuality was simply one component of a person’s personality.

Chance Perdomo [Photo: Instagram]

He added that it wasn’t something that could – or should -be defined. He confessed that it was never a case of being attracted to someone solely because of their gender.

The actor added that it was more about spending a lot of time together and understanding each other better than anyone else.

“They’re human-being characters. They go about their lives as human beings do,” he remarked.

While speaking with the magazine, he made his remarks about the speculation, saying, “At this point of speculation and where my career’s at and what not, I quite value my personal privacy.”

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Fans Started Discussing the Gay Rumors

Netizens were divided into two groups when discussing his sexuality and gay rumors. Some people believed he was gay, while others didn’t.

They took the topic, “Chance Perdomo (Ambrose from Sabrina) Won’t Discuss His Sexuality,” and began to discuss it in forums like Lipstick Alley.

One user penned, “Who is this gay dude?” while another user penned, “Sweet guy, don’t really care about his sexuality.”

Some people believed that he was gay. One netizen wrote, “Gay or straight, he’s a good looking man.” Some users explained that they didn’t need him to confirm as they already knew.

Netizens also appreciated him saying, “He is great on Sabrina.”

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Chance Perdomo Rumored to Be Dating Tati Gabrielle

Seeing their chemistry online, fans have been shipping Chance with his co-star Tati Gabrielle. They were also rumored to be dating.

However, both of them never responded to the rumor as of writing. They remained silent while the rumor circulated on the internet.

Furthermore, just like his character, Chance had also done his research when it came to fandom.

Chance revealed that he has looked at every single one of the Instagram stories mentions by fans and has occasionally replied to the comments.

He’s even picked up on fans’ abbreviations “Hashtag Pambrose!” shorthand for Ambrose’s on-screen romance with Prudence, a witch played by Tati Gabrielle in the series.

Chance Perdomo and Tati Gabrielle [Photo: YouTube/MaximoTV]

Their on-screen romance has been now linked to the off-screen romance by the fans. In the above-mentioned forum, one user said that he might be dating Tati, the girl who played prudence.

The user further explained that Tati went to a movie premiere, and Perdomo had put an Instagram post for her birthday. Even his brother had a picture on Instagram with all of them.

The user also had a picture of the two. Sadly, it’s still unknown whether they were dating.

The closest thing that fans saw about his love life was in 2019 he was paired up on a blind date with a super fan as part of a Seventeen Magazine YouTube channel.

Other than that, the actor has never openly discussed his romance or posted a picture of his lover on social media. Seems like the actor is focused more on his career now.