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The Relationship Status Of Billy Magnussen – Is He Gay?

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The No Time To Die star Billy Magnussen was in a relationship with the captivating Meghann Fahy. The ex-couple presumably met in 2011. Both of them went on to appear in the Hallmark romance film The Lost Valentine.

According to the reports by TheEconomicTimes, Billy Magnussen was in a romantic relationship with Meghann Fahy from 2017 to 2020.

It was widely believed among their fans that the two were married, but the speculations were never proven. Billy and Meghann were last seen together during their attendance at the Golden Globes after-party.

Billy Magnussen [Photo: Instagram]

Currently, the two actors do not follow each other on social media, and Billy currently seems to be single.

Besides, there were a few speculations regarding the actor being gay. However, he has not made any official comment on the subject.

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Meghann Fahy On Dating A Colleague

A year after the pair started dating, Meghann had an interview with The Cosmopolitan and spoke about her relationship with Billy. She noted that while dating in the workplace was frowned upon, she had other perspectives on the matter.

In her experience, she considered the impact someone’s presence could impact her life, regardless of the circumstances in which they meet. For example, one of Meghann’s co-stars, Aubrey Plaza, dated and secretly married director Jeff Baena.

Billy Magnussen With Meghann Fahy [Photo: Instagram]

Meghann explained, “It’s complicated and tricky and in some circumstances can be really risky, but if you find somebody that you think is really special and worth exploring, love is always worth it, no matter what the risk,” as per the same report.

Addressing The Gay Rumors: Did It Affect Billy’s Relationship?

There were several speculations that had encouraged the gay rumors of Billy Magnussen.

One of the reasons the gay rumors might have gained leverage is that the New York Native made his theater debut by appearing in The Ritz in 2007.

The plot of the play revolved around a gay bathhouse, which was based in Manhattan. Since then, the rumors started brewing if the theme had any connection with Billy’s personal life.

Moreover, it was not the only reason the speculation regarding his sexuality started.

Billy Magnussen [Photo: Instagram]

The American actor also gave an exclusive interview to the OutMagazine where he talked about wearing tight leather pants and fooling around with Chris Pine.

Since the magazine primarily featured LGBTQ content and related celebrities, it raised the question if Billy had something to say about his sexuality too.

However, despite the rumors and speculation, it’s not clear if it played any part in his breakup with Meghann.

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Is Meghann Fahy In A Relationship?

The star of The White Lotus series Meghann Fahy made headlines as numerous reports suggested that she was dating her co-star Leo Woodall.

The rumors of their romance started when the actor shared Polaroid photos on his Instagram account and captioned, “That’s amore.”

It might have seemed like a cute moment shared between two co-stars, but Meghan’s comment on his post added more momentum to their rumors.

According to the reports by Grazia magazine, she wrote, “I love you! I love these! I love you! 😘♥️.” Woodall replied, “Love you right back.”

Meghann Fahy With Leo Woodall [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, it was not the only time the pair shared adoration for one another.

In November 2022, Meghann posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption I Love The UK, to which Leo commented, “UK loves you back.”

However, despite their affection for one another, the two have not confirmed their relationship.