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Exploring Love and Identity: Is Froy Gutierrez Openly Gay?

Himal Ale Magar


Froy Gutierrez, best known for his role as Nolan in Teen Wolf, has never openly discussed his sexual orientation. He has guarded his privacy, revealing little-to-no details about his relationship and sexuality.

Still, fans have continued speculating about his dating history and sexual identity. But he has never commented on these rumors.

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Froy Was Rumored to Be Dating Richard Madden

The glamorous Froy Gutierrez has kept his love life under wraps and away from public attention. This made fans wonder if the Teen Wolf star dated anybody or if he’s currently in a relationship.

Froy Gutierrez [Photo: Instagram]

Froy’s sexuality became one of the curious topics among fans after he was photographed with the Dragon Den star Richard Madden in February 2020.

Then, in May 2020, online tabloids reported Froy isolating with Richard in Emilia Clarke’s luxury two-bedroom LA home.

According to The Sun, Richard flew back to LA before the lockdown after filming for The Eternals in London. He reportedly preferred to live in Emilia’s old house because it was the perfect place to isolate.

A source with the outlet outed, “He really hit it off with Froy and he’s pleased to have company while stuck inside. As he is already spending a fortune on the property, he wanted someone to enjoy it with.”

In September 2021, Froy and Richard were spotted chatting amicably as they took out the bins before getting into the car for a drive.

The two were also seen together in April 2021. Richard Madden headed towards Hampstead Heath in London with Froy Gutierrez for a picnic.

Furthermore, in January 2023, they were spotted vacationing together.

Fans Speculated Froy To Be Dating Zane Phillips

In May 2023, a new rumor about Froy’s love life started. He made headlines after being spotted with Zane Phillips, who starred in the hit gay rom-com Fire Island, attending a line-dancing night at a club.

The video of them being affectionate became viral, leaving fans wondering if they were a thing. This also led fans to wonder about Froy’s sexuality.

Additionally, the two were also reportedly seen during the premiere of Phillp’s Netflix series, Glamorous. As a result, there was speculation among the netizens if the two were a couple.

Made His Relationship With Zane Phillips Public

In June 2023, Froy and Zane were spotted together attending a pride party at NYC hotspot GITANO Island. They took it as an opportunity to go public with their romance.

The two shared a loving display as they kissed in public during the celebration. The event was held to recognize and support the LGBTQ+ community.

The new hot couple in the Hollywood enjoyed music by Madison Rose. They stopped to take a group photo of several attendees.

This was the very first appearance of Zane and Froy officially together as a confirmed couple. The fans were shocked as they confirmed their relationship.

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Froy Gutierrez’s Partner Is Openly Gay

As mentioned earlier, the Teen Wolf star has not openly talked about his sexuality. While he has not confirmed if he is gay, he has appeared in an LGBT romantic comedy, What If It’s Us.

It follows two boys, Arthur (portrayed by Noah Galvin) and Ben (portrayed by Froy Gutierrez), who believe the universe has set them up when they meet each other spontaneously in New York City.

On the other hand, Froy’s partner Zane has gotten candid about it in several interviews. He has been out of the closet as a gay man for a while, revealing his sexuality for the first time in a 2014 tweet.

Zane Phillips [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, Zane, known for his role as a demigod on CW’S Legacies, admitted he got the role of the gay demigod as the creative team insisted on finding an openly gay actor.

Moreover, when asked about his sexual identity, Zane told DigitalSpy that being a gay man was material and present part of his life. He added it’s not who he was attracted to but how he moved through the world.