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Alexander Calvert Referred to Jenna Berman as His “Wife”

Dinesh Shrestha


Canadian actor Alexander Calvert surprised fans once by calling Jenna Berman his “wife” in an Instagram post. Since then, several speculations have circulated on the internet about the couple’s wedding.

The netizens even assumed that the lovely pair secretly married at some point. However, they never responded to those rumors.

Alexander Met Jenna Berman in 2014

The adorable couple started dating in 2014, according to Distractify, Calvert posted her picture for the first time in 2016.

As aforementioned, surprising the fans, the actor unexpectedly called Jenna Berman “his wife” on an Instagram post. He shared his now-deleted video where he was kissing her.

The pair donned a black outfit. He penned in the caption, “Wifey is cute Af.” After that, Netizens apparently began spreading rumors about their wedding.

Alexander Calvert calls Jenna Berman’s wife [Photo: Instagram]

They even assumed that the couple married secretly in 2018 in an intimate wedding ceremony. But there have been no reports of the moment anywhere on the internet.

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Possible Split of Alexander Calvert and Jenna Berman

Later their fans noticed that they had deleted all the pictures from their respective Instagram handles. They also did not follow one another on social media platforms. Consequently, this led to people thinking that the couple might have broken up.

Alexander Calvert and Jenna Berman [Photo: Instagram]

Dristactify has further reported that they might have separated since he reportedly uploaded a photo of her on his Instagram with the caption that read, “Jenna has a new boyfriend and this is his last picture of her.”

Similarly, the last post of Alexander that featured Jenna was in January 2018, which has now been deleted. In the black and white photo, she wore a bathing suit on the beach.

However, in July 2019, Calvert gave an Interview with Boys by Girls where she photographed him. So, until and unless they clear the rumors regarding them dating and the timeline of their alleged relationship, fans are left guessing.

Meet His Alleged Girlfriend, Jenna Berman

Jenna Berman is a South African actress, fashion model, and photographer. She started to love photography at the age of nine.

Then she got a film camera for her tenth birthday. When she was a kid, her parents kept National Geographic magazines at their home, and she was fascinated by them. So, she had a desire to get into wildlife photography.

The fashion model thought that the famous Sally Mann and Annie Leibovitz (American photographer), whom she looked up to, were both masters of photography in different ways. She has come a long way in her career.

Furthermore, she also posts her photography on her own website. In addition, Jenna also owns and directs WILD MGMT, a modeling business that works with models all over the world.

Alexander Calvert’s first Insta Post of Jenna Berman [Photo: Instagram]

As per IMDB, she began her acting career at the age of ten, working on kids’ clothing catalogs and TV commercials.

She never planned to be an actor, but when she was younger and without using a sound cliche, she just fell into it.

Berman really enjoyed it while getting the chance to work with some of the amazing people. Then she made an appearance on famous TV shows.

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Unveiling Alexander Calvert’s Early Life: A Journey to Stardom

The Canadian actor was born on July 15, 1990, in Vancouver, Canada. He made his debut on the screen at the age of just 15 on the sci-fi series, The Dead Zone. Then he continued to land some roles in several movies and shows.

Later in 2015, his breakthrough role on the CW superhero series Arrow. He portrayed the Lonnie Machin character on six episodes throughout 2015 and 2016.

Alexander Calvert [Photo: Instagram]

Then his career began to rise after the series. He landed several movies and garnered lots of attraction from folks.