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Pilar Pascual & Boyfriend, Pedro de la Vega, Go Dark on Instagram | Fans Concerned

Dinesh Shrestha


Pilar Pascual is quite secretive about her personal life but her boyfriend, Pedro de la Vega confirmed their relationship in 2021.

The post that made things Instagram official definitely impressed the fans, but it’s been a while since he stopped posting pictures on social media.

Although he hasn’t deleted the previously uploaded pictures, netizens still began wondering if the couple is still dating. Fans headed to their initial post, asking: Are they still together?

Debut On Instagram In December 2021

Even though the adorable couple met in March 2021 for the first time, her boyfriend publicized their relationship in December 2021 via Instagram.

However, the actress still remains silent about her relationship since she hasn’t posted their picture together.

Initiating their relationship in March, the couple’s relationship got stronger over the year. In their first trio of photographs, the couple was seen kissing by the beach.

The Argentine footballer had nothing penned in the caption except a bunch of heart emoji with different colors.

With the lovely backdrop of the water and sky in the background, the pair smiled while looking into the camera.

Pilar Pascual and her boyfriend Pedro de la Vega [Photo: Instagram]

Then the comment section flooded with questions. One user wrote, “Are they boyfriends?” Another user composed, “We need more pictures of these beautiful couple.”

Unfortunately, he stopped sharing their pictures after that. Netizens had to wait for one year to get updates on their relationship.

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Posted Their Picture Together After One Year

The Argentine footballer completely shut down posting their pictures. One year later, he again shared their picture.

Like the previous snap, the couple was seen happy with each other. He wrote in the caption, “One year and two days already.”

They were enjoying each other company. After viewing the post, one user commented, “Go for more years together, you deserve the best in the world, blessings in everything @pili_pascual_ Greetings from Peru.”

The couple hasn’t shared photos of themselves together since then—not even for their next anniversary.

Pilar Pascual with her boyfriend Pedro de la Vega [Photo: Instagram]

It’s hard to assume if the couple is still together or not. Then netizens asked in their post, “Are you together,” in their picture from back in 2021.

One of the actress’s fan pages replied that the adorable couple isn’t together now. However, the footballer and the actress still need to verify it.

Rumored To Be Dating With Jose Gimenez Zapiola

The actress was once rumored to be dating co-star Jose Gimenez Zapiola, mainly known as El Purre.

The couple seemed cozy during an Instagram live. Therefore, fans speculated as the couple was dating.

Furthermore, netizens also made the couple their very own fan page account. There, fans posted a number of intimate images and videos. The pair also kissed each other while going live in Teatro Catholicon.

Pilar Pascual with rumored boyfriend El Purre [Photo: Instagram]

The chemistry between the two was so intense that some of their admirers eventually thought about their dating.

In addition, Pascual also shared the behind-the-scenes on her YouTube channel in 2020 while making a new song video.

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Shut down the rumor with Jose Gimenez Zapiola’s post

El Purre shut down the dating rumors after he posted a picture with the actress Malena Ratner.

In the snap, the couple was kissing each other. After viewing the post, netizens became sad, saying Pascual was better than her.

One user penned, “Pilurre was forgotten pilurre is better, think of Pili, I’m team.” Another user pled, “I can’t believe it… I’m happy for you, but what about pili? think to pili two seconds?”

Most fans were sad seeing him with Malena pleading the baller to think of Pilar Pascual. However, the actress eventually found love in 2021 with the Argentine footballer.

Albeit since the couple hasn’t posted their picture, it’s unknown if the couple is still together or not.