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Bronson Pinchot Said Gay Character Changed His Life

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Bronson Alcott Pinchot played his iconic gay role as Serge in Beverly Hills Cop in 1984.

Serge was gay in the franchise. Looking back, it might be hard to imagine that things could have been any other way.

Gay characters were bashed and ridiculed in the 1980s. But Pinchot pulled off the character’s role in his audition so uniquely that fans were in love with it.

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The Accidental Role Of Gay Portrayed By Bronson Pinchot

In a telephone interview with Decider, Bronson revealed that the gay character was not in the script.

When Pinchot went for the audition, the franchise director was busy with other people. Pinchot had to wait for three long hours.

Those three hours played a crucial part in the actor’s life. Little did Pinchot know waiting and contemplating a comic relief in a lobby would change his life.

In those three hours, he created this fantastic character that was not in the script.

When Marty was introduced to the gay character, which was not planned initially, he was unsure whether to proceed with the character.

The actor thought of so many things on how to pull the character off within the three hours. When he waited, there was a movable culture on the coffee table, which he carried with him when he went to meet Marty.

The director apologized to Pinchot as he had to wait so long. The actor said the wait was worth it as he had millions of great things to do with the sculpture.

The Pivotal Role of Serge For Bronson Pinchot Changed His Life

According to Forbes, when the actor portrayed the role of Serge, he lived in a flophouse built in the 1920s. It was a bad place to live in.

The actor’s courtyard had frequent violent fights, and it was so violent that Pinchot used to keep his pants, wallet, and keys draped over the doorknob for an instant run away through his room’s window.

He was starving back then as he did not have enough money. His friend sent a voicemail saying Pinchot had to read Newsweek.

When the actor heard that, he thought he could not afford Newsweek. He was in absolute poverty.

He then thought he would walk to Ralphs and read the news there. When he was walking, suddenly, a car pulled up on the sidewalk.

The actor thought he would be killed, but to his surprise, the people shouted from the car that they had seen Beverly Hills Cop and thought Serge was funny.

As Beverly Hills Cop had just been released in the theatres, fans were already in love with the movie and its gay character Serge.

Bronson Pinchot as gay and Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop [Photo: YouTube/Movieclips]

Pinchot added that it was so unreal back then. He would be followed by people even when going to the grocery. Back then, he dated a renowned soap star, and people would step over him and get the actress’s autograph.

The actor never expected the gay character he portrayed would make him a household name.

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The Serge Character Initially Was Not Gay

Initially, Serge was written as an American named Jacques and later changed to Serge, who was French.

Pinchot was in no position to call shots back then. However, when the actor gave his audition, Matry Brest, the director of the franchise, was amazed to see the interpretation made by the actor and immediately bought it.

The character of Serge did not appear in the franchise’s second part but eventually made its return in the third part.

Pinchot said in the interview with Forbes that he had no idea if his character was returning to the movie again.

After he played Serge in Beverly Hills Cop, Pinchot landed other movies as well.

Based on his Instagram, the actor has been living a good life and is now more focused on arts and making cameos.

Is Bronson Pinchot Gay In Real Life?

It is fairly common for people to be curious about a celebrity’s se*uality after seeing a role of theirs. Well, Bronson Pinchot is not gay in real life. As a matter of fact, he has had multiple relationships in the past and was once even engaged.

The handsome Pinchot once went on a date with the talented late actress Carrie Fisher. However, the date did not go as expected for the former pair.

After Pinchot asked Carrie out, they went to a fancy Chinese restaurant in Beverly Hills. During the dinner, Carrie warned Pinchot not to fall in love with her. When asked why, the late star replied, ” Because I’m manic-depressive.”

Then, later, the Star Wars actress stood up and pulled her dress over her head. Eventually, they both were asked to leave due to Carrie’s boisterous antics.

Apart from Carrie, Pinchot was in a long-term relationship with American filmmaker Amy Heckerling. The former couple dated from 1993 to 1997. They were even engaged, but parted ways shortly after. According to Refinery29, Amy parted ways with her fiance to be with Chris Kattan.

Unfortunately, it is not known who Pinchot’s current love interest is at the moment.