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Lexi Brumback in a Relationship with Trans Boyfriend


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The iconic cheerleader Lexi Brumback broke barriers by proudly sharing, “My boyfriend is trans” during an interview in Jan 2020.

As she announced her triumphant return to Navarro, she said, “I’m not going to be [in Corsicana] that long,” when talking about her long-distance relationship with Dominic Green.

When the conversation shifted towards Texas’s conservative ideology, she said, “My boyfriend is trans. I really support that community.”

Lexi Brumback and her boyfriend Dominic Green
Dominic and Lexi enjoying a romantic time (Photo: Instagram)

While the Bustle interview became her first time discussing her relationship publicly, the couple has been incredibly open about their relationship on Instagram for over a year.

Further, Lexi Brumback’s boyfriend, Dominic Green, first posted a now-deleted video of themselves and some friends at a rave in March 2019. But they apparently started dating in 2018.

Lexi and Dominic have been comfortable sharing their romance on Instagram in recent years. Brumback shared a series of photos of herself and her boyfriend standing in front of a fire pit. She announced, “My other half.”

Likewise, Dominic did not seal himself from expressing his love for Lexi on her 20th birthday. In a carousel post, he poured his heart, “Happy birthday, love; I hope you receive all that your heart desires.”

Lexi reciprocated in comments, “I already got you tho,” ending with a kissing emoji.

Celebrating Love & Navigating Challenges Together

The iconic duo celebrated their four years of love in December 2022. Lexi started the caption by expressing gratitude for finding him again ‘in this lifetime.’

She continued, “Being your partner feels like winning the lottery… My home, my heart, my rock & my soulmate, here’s to 4 years and many more.”

Lexi and her boyfriend embrace one another victories while navigating the bumps.

Further, Dominic took to his Instagram to express his gratitude for finding his soulmate. “I’m so thankful for this amazing soul for having my back,” he captioned.

Dominic further praised her for standing up for him and fighting for their relationship, even when faced with questions regarding his identity, and dealing with hateful comments bravely.

“… living in a society where people are still faced with discrimination and violence, there is still so much love to be found everywhere. And I’m so glad I found you,” he concluded.

Their journey radiates resilience, love, and the power of solidarity.

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Lexi Brumback’s Boyfriend, Dominic, Is Instagram Personality

Navarro cheerleader Lexi Brumback’s boyfriend, Dominic Anthony Green, is an aspiring actor, model, and Instagram personality with a whopping 130K followers. He also has 88.7K followers on TikTok.

Previously, he was also active on YouTube, which now has over a thousand subscribers.

Moreover, he started his Instagram journey to document his transition and personal experiences with hormone therapy.

Further, Green’s journey of self-discovery started at the age of 12.

In an interview with Spectrum South, he candidly shared, “I felt like a boy trapped in a girl’s body.” It was during this time he discovered Skylar Kergail on YouTube. He deeply resonated with the creator, and the journey felt less lonely.

Moreover, he also came out to his mother at 12 through a heartfelt letter. They both cried as his mother embraced his identity.

Lexi Brumback boyfriend Dominic Green
Lexi Brumback’s boyfriend, Dominic, as a kid. (Photo: Instagram)

From a 12-year-old who started his self-discovery journey to this writing, Green has come a long way in building a commendable online presence. However, the representative of the trans community remains modest about his impact and denies being a trans advocate.

Besides being an influential personality online, Green is also working hard to build his career as a fashion model and actor.

He was featured in genderqueer photographer Soraya Zaman’s American Boys Project, which aimed to expand the diversity of transmasculine lives across the USA.

Dominic Is More than an Internet Personality

Apart from being known as a social media influencer, Lexi’s partner is also a film editor, writer, and filmmaker. He is from Baytown, Texas, and is residing in Houston.

Furthermore, he is the Account Manager for the world’s largest LGBTQ+ Talent Agency, Gaybor’s Agency. Well, the agency brings together LGBTQ+ creators and brands to make social media content for their community.

As stated above, he denies being a trans advocate but is a mental health advocate and an LGBTQ+ activist. Dominic mostly wants to spread awareness and kindness and also inspire people to have an optimistic outlook on life even when one has different obstacles.

Lexi’s significant other loves to be the voice of people who don’t have one and assist those surrounding him to be their best version.