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Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Husband: An Avid Instagrammer

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Elizabeth Ashley Wharton was not an ideal Instagrammer. Her husband is the one in the family who shares their life on his Instagram account.

Elle has her Instagram account, but it has been a couple of years since she used it.

Despite being a musician, she never revealed the reason why she stopped using her social account in this day and age. After all, it’s a potent tool for any artist looking to put themselves on the map.

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Elle’s Husband And His Social Account

Celebsuburb claims that Will Loomis, Elizabeth’s husband, is also a musician by profession and works with a band known as Loomis & the Lust.

Not surprisingly, Elle herself is a singer and bassist in her husband’s band.

Based on Elle’s husband’s Instagram, he is an avid Instagrammer and keeps fans in the loop regarding the ins and outs of his life.

While the husband has made deliberate efforts to keep his fanbase in the know, his wife turned out to be the opposite, as she stopped using her Instagram account.

The Instagrammer never stopped entertaining his fans with his posts. Sometimes, he posted about his musical career, and sometimes he put up festive posts. Like this one, he posted it on Father’s Day.

The couple’s Instagram post also showed Elle and her husband’s love for dogs.

Will had posted several photos and videos of his pet dog. He never wrote the dog’s name in the caption but always made it look fascinating.

Elizabeth And Her Husband: Their Wedding

According to her husband’s Instagram, Elizabeth met the love of her life around 2010. They dated for four years before getting married.

Elle’s husband posted about their first meet [Photo: Instagram]

Multiple sisters have stated that Elle and Will got married on October 18, 2014. They got hitched at the stunning Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara. The list of wedding attendees included the couple’s family and friends.

The musical lovebirds have decent careers in the music industry. Even at their wedding, the award-winning DJ Darla Bea performed and made it more memorable. Elysium Productions covered the videography.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton And Her Instagram

Elle started posting photos from the year 2013. She had random posts about herself and posted more about her musical career.

Elizabeth posted random images of herself [Photo: Instagram]

Elle was not a regular on Instagram. She had posted a few photos, then stopped for some years, and later began posting again. Her last post was in 2021, where she posted about catching fish with her husband.

She never posted anything related to her father and her mother.

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Elle And Her Relationship With Her Parents

Based on the reports of Hollywood Life, Vince Neil’s wedding with Beth Lynn in 1981 was his first time getting married. Elizabeth Ashley Wharton was the daughter from his first marriage. The couple later divorced in 1985.

Elle and her mother rarely make public appearances together. There is no news regarding her mother.

According to Elle’s social posts, she seldom posted anything or said anything about her father and mother.

However, her husband is found posting several images of the musical father-daughter duo.

Elle with her father, Vince Neil, at her wedding [Photo: Instagram]

On June 21, 2021, Elle posted a video where she was seen with her father and her husband singing impromptu Christmas sing-alongs. She had posted the video on the occasion of Father’s Day.

In the video, they were seen having quality family time with songs and laughter. Moreover, it looked like a jam session.

Elle and her father, Vince Neil [Photo: Instagram]

The father and daughter duo were found in one of the backstages of their concerts. They share quality time together whenever possible.

Elle and her husband do not have any children despite being married for nine years. However, in April 2023. Well, Will once uploaded a photo with his father and a kid with the caption, “Three generations,” followed by multiple love emojis. Could it be the little one is their son or just Will’s nephew?

But looking at the social feed, they have been living a good life.

Will Loomis Announced Their Separation on Facebook

Not everything is meant to last forever. On August 14, Will took to his Facebook account to share sad news. He announced that he and Elle were parting ways amicably and were still good friends.

Sadly, it was not the future the married duo had envisioned. When Will and Elle got married, they thought that they’d walk to the end of the world. But, unfortunately, they only got to spend and enjoy 13 years as partners.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton and Will Loomis announced their separation via Facebook. [Source: Facebook]

To clear out people’s concerns and questions, Elle’s former husband stated that there was not any dramatic issue or an inciting incident: it was just that the former duo had spent over ten years growing up together and later grew apart.

Will thanked everyone for their love and support and said their marriage didn’t fail but simply ran its course.