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Flynn Earl Jones Married To Lorena Monagas

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The American actor Flynn Earl Jones married Lorena Monagas in an intimate wedding ceremony on November 29, 2019, in Tarrytown, New York. They had planned a trip to Iceland with the hope of seeing the beautiful northern lights.

Monagas is also an actress who worked on numerous film, multimedia, and voiceover projects. 

Flynn’s Wife Is A Talented Woman

As per her website, she has an MFA from The Academy for Classical Acting at the Shakespeare Theatre and George Washington University.

Flynn Earl Jones’s wife Lorena Monagas [Photo: Lorenamonagas.com/official website]

Furthermore, she has a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Graphic Design.

Monagas also has trained at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts; The William Esper Studio and The Barrow Group in New York City; and Casa Cruz de la Luna in San Germán, Puerto Rico.

She has contributed to the stage production of many dramas, including La Traición en la Amistad, Native Gardens, and Picture Day. Alongside that, Lorena has also acted in commercials for New York Lottery, Enfamil, and JCPenny.

In addition, she has lent her voice in Juracán y Los Mimes, Take N.O.T.E., and Palabras de encanto: Tales of Borikén.

Moreover, as a part of her storytelling work, Flynn’s spouse enjoys creating original graphics and artwork. She has also worked as an actress in Taking Back the City, Japanese Borscht, Betrayal of a Nation, and Dry.

Well, Lorena is active on Instagram but is private. She has a total of over 1K followers as of this writing.

Just three years before Flynn’s marriage, he lost his mother, who was suffering from Ovarian Cancer.

Flynn Earl Jones’s Mother Died In 2016 From Ovarian Cancer

When Flynn Earl Jones was about 34, his mother Cecilia Hart died at 68 from ovarian cancer. In the following year, James Earl Jones was awarded the Tony Lifetime Achievement Award.

In the award acceptance speech, he dedicated the award to his late wife and made a heartfelt gesture to his son.

“I want to thank my wife Ceci for being such a wonderful companion in my life and in my work,” James said in a pre-ceremony speech. “And for being the great co-producer of our son Flynn and for being so dazzling on the red carpet.”

The couple was married in 1982 after they first met when playing opposite roles in a revival of William Shakespeare’s Othello in the same year.

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Both are dedicated to the entertainment industry and have accomplished much in their careers.

Both Flynn’s Parents Were Famous Actors

Flynn Earl Jones’s parents were well-known actors engaged in the entertainment industry for many years. His parents had a remarkable career in the industry.

In his acting career, James has appeared in various movies, television, and stage productions. His notable voiceover movies are Star Wars installations, The Lion King, Conan The Barbarian, and many others.

James Earl Jones [Photo: Instagram]

Cecilia is mainly known for her appearance in the movies Law & Order, The Runaways, and MacGyver.

Flynn’s mother was also nominated for the 1977 Drama Desk Award for her role in Dirty Linen & New-Found-Land.

Flynn’s mother was the second wife of the actor, who previously married Julienne Marie Hendricks.

Flynn Earl Jones Following His Father’s Footsteps

Flynn Earl Jones has followed his father’s footsteps in voice works and made a remarkable career in the voiceover industry. He recorded the audiobook version of Ahren Sanders’ romance novel Heartthrob in 2019.

Flynn has also narrated works in movies like HeartthrobA Pure Solar WorldFrozen EarthLions of the Sky, and Revenge.

Additionally, he also was a personal assistant to his father. The 41-year-old star actor followed his father’s footsteps but always stayed away from the spotlight.

Flynn’s Private Life Is Out of the Spotlight

The famous American actor is evidently not interested in the limelight, as his Twitter account is protected.

Flynn is a well-known voiceover artist who has no social accounts except Twitter.

He always stayed away from celebrity life and media objection. However, sometimes, he made appearances on the red carpets to support his famous father.

Flynn had attended the premiere of The Lion King along with his father, who voiced the role of Mufasa in 1994.

Later in 2009, the voiceover artist went to attend the premiere of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof in London with his parents.