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Cake Weirdo Andrew Fuller and His Husband Live a Burtonesque Life

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It’s not every day that you walk into a house with an absinthe parlor and enjoy Edgar Allen Poe’s preferred beverage. Having shifted into a new house in 2013, it didn’t take Andrew Fuller and his partner Cole Fuller too long to craft their home to their unique taste.

The couple’s house is painstakingly designed to be unlike any other residence in Iowa.

A Grisly Escape for Other People

Well, Andrew Fuller and Cole Fuller’s house is not something that you see on a normal basis. Just entering the home will make you feel like you’re walking into a Tim Burton set.

The place is a delight to the eyes with a mix of Victorian stylings and a pinch of playful scariness and surreal doors.

It is situated near the edge of Des Moines’ King Irving neighborhood and is a three-bedroom, three-story house.

The Cake Weirdo himself confessed, “I want my home to be an escape where people can come in and talk about it and feel like they’re in a place they’ve never been before.”

Like in the past, the pair also has a curiosity cabinet for entertainment. It is a shelve on the north wall of their absinthe room and is equipped with different kinds of artworks and artifacts.

Some of the interesting things there are a reef shark, a leopard shark, and a small octopus preserved in a jar. Among them, Cole’s husband has an obsession with the octopus.

In addition to that, the shelves also contain a magnetic skull, Cole’s grandmother’s dentures, and human teeth, among other things.

Nevertheless, not everything is Burtonesque there. They also have an area for meditation and a wall that holds pictures of the lovebirds’ Hawaii vacation.

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Andrew Fuller’s Husband Owns a Tutoring Institute

The BCLUW High School graduate, Cole Fuller, is the owner of Des Moines Tutoring. The firm was established in 2009. They specialize in coursework tutoring, study skills and test preparation for ACT, AP, SAT, GRE, & GMAT.

Nick Abdallah, Cammy Newton, Liz Stangl, Jens and Tracy Spackman are the other members of the institute alongside Cole.

Speaking of Andrew Fuller’s partner, he has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, with minors in Psychology and Chemistry. He started the institution because of his passion for teaching and learning. He also tutors science, math, and test prep students.

Andrew Fuller and his husband Cole Fuller. [Photo: Instagram]

He also enjoys hiking, music, and spelunking (exploration of caves.) In addition, he is a vegetarian and has a soft spot for sphynx cats.

Andrew and Cole Have Been Enjoying Marital Bliss since 2010

“Opposite attracts” is the perfect phrase that defines the relationship between Andrew and his handsome husband Cole. Andrew is an extroverted guy compared to his beau. Still, the gay pair has been blissfully married since 2010.

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But that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything in common. The married duo is fond of performing paranormal investigations. In one instance, they paid to spend a night in the Murder House in Villisca, Ia.

If you don’t know: In 1992, an entire family, along with two guests, were bludgeoned to death in that very venue.

One can also know how much of a private person Cole Fuller is via his private Instagram account. He has got less than a hundred followers and following compared to his husband, Andrew, who has thousands of followers on both of his Instagram accounts.

Furthermore, Cole also rarely gets on social media. But his partner makes sure to wish him on his special days. The adorable pair also have two sphynx cats, Hector and Hester, whom they adore a lot.