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Benjamin Levy and His Girlfriend Worked Together in ‘Filthy Rich’

Dinesh Shrestha


Benjamin Levy, who played the role of Rex Bakke in The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, was unlucky in the relationship department in the mystery thriller.

However, Levy, whom fans lovingly call “Sexy Rexy,” got lucky in his real life. It might break the hearts of many admirers after learning that the handsome hunk is off the market and is head over heels for Olivia Macklin.

Benjamin and His Girlfriend Made Their Relationship Official in 2020

Benjamin Levy and his girlfriend Olivia Macklin share a common interest – they both are actors. In fact, they were co-stars in the 2020 TV series Filthy Rich.

So, could it be the couple met on the set and decided to take their relationship to the next level?

Furthermore, the actress made her relationship official with Levy through Instagram in September 2020.

Olivia Macklin shared the first picture together with Benjamin Levy [Photo: Instagram]

In the snap, he was kissing while she was grinning, looking at the camera. She just penned a black heart emoji in the caption.

Many fans and friends were gaga over the reveal. One stunned user wrote, “Wait… wait…wait a minute. Since when are you guys together. I’m crying. You guys are truly beautiful.”

Likewise, another user penned, “I love that you guys are together IRL!!!!”

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Fans Think Levy and His Girlfriend Are the “Next”

Ever since making their relationship Instagram official, the couple has often times shared cozy pictures with one another. Especially Macklin never fails to make her fans go in awe with their adorable pictures.

The adorable pair also went to Guatemala City in the second half of 2021, where they enjoyed quality time together. The special thing about the place is that Levy grew up there.

Likewise, in December 2021, Levy and Macklin attended their friend’s wedding. Sharing the photos, Macklin wrote, “Levy-Nortman Wedding 11.13.21,” along with clinking glass and sparkles emojis.

The couple looked adorable, and her followers flooded her comment sections with “you’re next” messages. Some even believed that he had proposed to her.

Benjamin Levy and his girlfriend Olivia Macklin [Photo: Instagram]

While she continuously posts their picture, Levy has embraced posting pictures only a few times. He shared a video together with Macklin in October 2021.

Although they are inactive on social media, the couple has been spotted together multiple times. The couple was also spotted recently on a date lunch in Los Feliz in January.

Olivia Referred to a Cat as Their “Daughter”

Macklin never fails to tease her beau. For instance, she shared a photo collection of Levy and a cat on her Instagram, where she teased that the cat was their “daughter,” as per Distractify

Then she teased that the cat was their child, which the pair raised together. In the caption, she penned, “I will always be there to make up for our daughter’s constant, extreme lack of gratitude.”

The couple has been together now for three years. Day by day, their chemistry and bond are increasing. Also, they have grown their family by welcoming another cat whom they’ve lovingly named Sonny.

Also, the couple has the cutest nicknames for one another. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Levy’s girlfriend jokingly referred to herself and him as pigs.

Sharing photos of them at dinner, Macklin wrote, “Pigs had a nice weekend.” She also posted their picture in September 2022 and quipped in the caption, “Pigs went to the zoo. Saw some other pigs.”

Likewise, the other time, she used the cute name again as she penned, “Anywhere with you, pig,” in the caption. Unfortunately, this post has also been deleted.

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He Was a Sports Person before Being an Actor

Before entering the acting world, Levy was a soccer player and Krav Maga Black Belt. “That sport saved my life. It got me through the toughest times in my childhood,” he professed in an interview with The Kelly Clarkson Show.

He was recruited by AC Milan to go to Italy and play soccer for a while. But he broke his femur, and then he shifted to martial arts.

He learned Krav Maga and became a black belt. At the age of 18, he wanted to go to Israel to the Army. He revealed to Kelly that he had no idea what to do then.

But when they were in the traffic waiting to turn on the light green, his mom suggested going to Hollywood. He liked movies, and his mama suggested trying that. He called the airline that very day and has never looked back.

In 2012, he started his acting with a minor role in a 2012 episode of Glee, as per Famous Birthdays. As of writing, he has come a long way in his career.