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Truth Behind Frankie LaPenna’s Big B**t

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Over two years of posting his big b**t, Frankie LaPenna has never come forward and addressed the topic directly. So and so, many folks are even wondering if the guy himself is real or not.

So what possibly could be the truth behind Frankie’s enormous behind?

Is Frankie’s B**t Real?

If you are to believe all the available sites, then no, Frankie doesn’t have a huge rear end. But he is a real human being, though. In fact, he has been doing all these for views, and so far along, it seems to be working for him.

Frankie has also uploaded photos showing himself working out and squatting. These things confused his followers even more and made them wonder if he indeed had a huge dump truck.

A couple of months ago, Frankie himself uploaded a short video on his YouTube channel titled, ‘Is Frankie LaPenna’s Bakery Real?’

Many thought that the social media star was finally addressing the topic. However, that wasn’t the case. It was just another video of Frankie trolling people.

It was quite easy to see that he even photoshopped his childhood photos to make his b*m appear big. At the end of the video, the narrator stated that Frankie’s b*m could be real or fake, mentioning he has positioned it perfectly to keep it a mystery.

He also, at times, walks with an entourage to keep people away from touching his asset.

Frankie LaPenna with his entourage. [Source: Instagram]

Frankie once even made a mold of his rear end and posted it on eBay. Ironically, he said if he were the lucky buyer, then he would have worn those dump trucks, walked around the town, and made viral videos himself.

Prior to gaining fame for his b*m, he was known as the ‘Zoom green screen guy.’

Frankie used to create videos where he would be on a Zoom call while doing extravagant activities. From getting knocked out by a UFC fighter, to horse riding and crashing his bike, he hadn’t left any stone unturned.

Later, the focus shifted when he presented himself with a huge b**t.

As Frankie has gained fame as the Zoom green screen guy and the man with a big b**t, fans are also eager to know about his relationship status.

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Is Frankie Lapenna Married or Dating Anyone?

The viral guy is yet to marry and settle down with a wife. However, he is in a relationship with Kayla Lewicki. The pair are both engaged in the entertainment industry.

Frankie’s girlfriend is a producer and director. Currently, she works as a producer for Ozone Films. It is not known how long they have been dating, but the adorable pair at times collaborate and appear on one another’s posts.

The duo also collaborated to show their advertising skills for Waxology. In addition, Kayla also appreciates Frankie’s presence in her life.

In April 2022, she shared a slideshow on her TikTok and wrote, “Just a little appreciation for my best friend.”

She penned in the comment, “Once upon a time, a Kayla met a Frank… @frankielapenna #relationships #friends #love #fypシ #loveyou #sunroof #myfavorite #appreciated #people #sunshine #music #film #feelgood #artistsoftiktok #onceuponatime.”

Furthermore, her Instagram also features a few photos of them together.

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Frankie’s Past Girlfriends

Well, it looks like this is not Frankie’s first relationship. Going through his Instagram, he seems to have had a girlfriend named Summer Smith.

It is evident from their pictures that the former pair were pretty close. They also celebrated 2017’s Valentine’s Day at a penthouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Fnakie LaPenna and his former partner Summer Smith. [Source: Instagram]

Prior to that, he attended homecoming with the beautiful Natalie Charron.

Moreover, Frankie seems to be the type of guy who has always been famous around girls. He has uploaded many photos with multiple ladies in the past.

Some pictures, in particular, stand out where he can be seen receiving a kiss from multiple ladies.

No matter whatever is the real deal behind Frankie LaPenna’s b**t, he has amassed a massive fan following thanks to his unique creation.