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Elizabeth Tabish Quietly Flaunts Her Husband to the World

Binesh Shrestha


In her younger days, actress Elizabeth Tabish often got her heart broken and even closed off her heart. She previously dated for the wrong reasons until she met her now husband.

Currently, she is enjoying a blissed martial life with Stan Mayer.

Elizabeth and Stan’s Had a Vow Renewal Celebration

Unfortunately, there are not many details regarding the wedding of the adorable couple. However, Elizabeth and Stan celebrate their anniversary in April.

Furthermore, in August 2023, the lovely couple had their vow renewal celebration with the family and Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

As Tabish shared the news by uploading pictures, fans congratulated them.

They celebrate their anniversary in April. [Source: Instagram]

The actress first shared a photo with him in September 2021, on the occasion of his birthday. She wished him a Happy Birthday with a short and sweet note.

In addition, the beautiful actress shows off her love for her husband on her social media posts. She has often mentioned how he has brought her happiness, and it is evident that she loves him very much.

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Tabish Got Candid About Her Love Life in an Interview

As stated earlier, she had closed off her heart. Then after meeting Mayer, her heart opened again, and she felt something new.

The talented star revealed in an interview with Brittany Valadez that the new sensation she felt after meeting her husband was love.

Well, it wasn’t love at first sight, though. Before deciding to take their relationship to the next level, Tabish and Mayer remained friends for some time.

At moments, they even tried avoiding one another, and they even thought it wasn’t a convenient relationship to start for either of them.

Elizabeth and her partner Stan. [Source: Instagram]

Elizabeth had so many sweet and meaningful dreams about Stan. She believed those dreams pointed her toward the fact that he was the man for her.

The Chosen actress stated that one might make hard decisions sometimes to be together, but later everything fits eventually and is easy after that.

She also added that when one meets the right person, then they do know, and even if they try ignoring them, they just keep returning since it’s meant to be.

Hearing from Elizabeth herself, it looks like the pair were meant to be together. From going on romantic dates to supporting his wife in her career, the duo shares a lot of lovely moments.

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Elizabeth’s Husband Is a Marine Veteran and Playwright

Stan Mayer was raised by a Catholic school teacher and a blue-collar engineer. He celebrates his birthday in September.

Elizabeth’s hubby is a former U.S. Marine Sergeant and Intelligence Officer from Cleveland, Ohio.

Stan is a marine veteran and a playwright. [Source: Instagram]

Elizabeth’s beau served five deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. After getting out of the military, he has been putting up theater in LA since 2016.

Over the years, he has done a fantastic job as a playwright. Some of his projects are Geraldine Inoa’s SCRAPS at The Matrix Theatre, Sam Shepard’s BACK BOG BEAST BAIT at The Yard Theater, and ODYSSEUS AT TEMECULA at The Met Theater in L.A.

Among his many works, Mayer’s play Mama Mama Can’t You See stands out the most. The writer of the play is nonother than Stan himself and his former partner Cecilia Fairchild. Zach Davidson is the play’s director.

Zach was invested in telling the story and asked Stan and Cecilia to write.

Stan’s Play is Based on Real-Life Events

The events of the play center on a moment in May 2005. It was during Mayer’s first deployment to Iraq. Sadly, he lost four members of his platoon on May 7, 2005.

Lance, Stan’s best friend and gunner, was killed immediately when his Humvee was struck by a suicide vehicle-borne IED. Mayer woke up and found himself in the flaming Humvee and stepped out into a deadly firefight.

The play is an abstract reflection of the harrowing moment.

According to Stan, he tried writing a war story, but it came out as a love story. The play is 1 hour 30 minutes long and was even postponed because of the pandemic.

Alongside that, Stan has also worked as a writer in A Moment of Your Time and as an actor in The Lemon Tree and Grant Style: Assaulting Flag. He has over 500 followers on his private Instagram account.