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Tyler Mahoney: The facts of her real relationship


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The unstoppable gold miner, Tyler Mahoney, is in a relationship but not with Gold Rush hottie Parker Schnabel. Rumors were the 27-year-old was even married. But, the talk of the town was later revealed to be just that – rumors.

But the real question is: Who is Tyler Mahoney dating? Is she married?

Tyler Mahoney Has Been in a Relationship Since 2021.

At only 27, Gold Rush star Tyler Mahoney has made a name for herself in the mining business.

The professional gold digger quickly drew attention after appearing in the first season of Gold Rush: The Dirt and a subsequent season of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail.

Further, being one of the few women on the show, viewers started guessing who Mahoney might be dating or if she was married.

The truth is Tyler is in a relationship with Jake Bennett. She posted a picture of her boyfriend on January 14, 2022, claiming he’s not a big fan of the gram.

Sharing a beautiful snap of her private beau, she wrote, “POV – GF with a blue tick and BF who’s not a fan of the gram.”

Tyler Mahoney Relationship
Tyler Mahoney’s boyfriend is not a fan of Instagram. [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, Mahoney’s boyfriend’s Instagram handle features zero posts with 371 followers and a cute pup snoot.

Meanwhile, the reality star takes every chance to show her partner off to her fans.

Further, Tyler’s boyfriend made his first appearance in May 2021.

Apparently, the couple went to Tyler’s work together, and Jake found more gold than her.

She giddily shared snaps of the pair in the field with the caption, “When you take your boyfriend to work for fun, and he ends up finding more gold than you 🙂☠️”

The adventurous couple also got a matching tattoo within 24 hours of meeting. The smitten Tyler shared a snap of them standing at McLaren Vale, South Australia writing, “Get someone who gets a matching tattoo 24 hours after meeting.”

Tyler Mahoney’s Boyfriend Is Supportive of Her Career.

The gold prospector, Tyler, stands out among the image of a gold prospector. She is, in fact, the modern face of gold mining and has been breaking down gender barriers, digging up precious metals most of her life.

Consequently, the Australian TV personality is almost always traveling.

However, her partner, Jake, is very supportive of her career. While appreciating him, Tyler shared a couple of cozy pictures of them with a caption that read,

“Shout out to @jbennettt for supporting my career endlessly. Even though it means I’m only home for two months this year, you’re the best ❤️.”

Tyler Mahoney is in relationship with Jake Bennett
Tyler Mahoney’s supportive boyfriend, Jake Bennett. [Photo: Instagram]

When Tyler isn’t traveling or working, she spends quality time with her beau. The love birds enjoy a scenic vacation at every given opportunity. Besides, they also celebrate holidays, including Christmas together.

Although Tyler Mahoney is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Jake, fans couldn’t help but ship her with co-star Parker Schnabel.

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Tyler Mahoney & Parker Schnabel Aren’t Dating

After Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail‘s fourth season aired in 2020, featuring Tyler & Parker Schnabel in the docu-series, viewers started speculating if they were dating.

Considering their shared interest & similar age, it was only natural for viewers to ship them together. However, contrary to popular speculation, it appeared that love was missing from the cards for this duo, neither in the past nor in the future.

While the alleged couple traversed the Australian desert landscapes looking for gold, it appears romance was never the concern.

Tyler Mahoney and Parker Schnabel
Parker Schnabel with Tyler & crew. [Photo: Instagram]

At least, it wasn’t shown on camera during the show’s filming.

However, it’s worth noting that Parker has always been camera-shy regarding relationships. In fact, when he was shooting with his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Youle, the camera crew made a playful bet on who would capture the former couple’s first kiss on camera.

All that to say, the Australian gold miner Tyler Mahoney and Parker were not dating. Or, perhaps, they were too cautious about avoiding the camera.

Nonetheless, Tyler has found true love and is happy with her boyfriend, Jake Bennett.