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Arnas Fedaravicus’s Girlfriend Is In On Shamanic Path

Prasiddha Gautam


Arnas Fedaravicus is in a relationship with a beautiful lady named Sarah Warnaar. He first shared a picture with his girlfriend in 2020 on Instagram.

In the photo, Arnas and his partner could be seen in a German forest.

Many Were Happy For His Relationship

Arnas had captioned the photo, “Laughing at my own jokes and making sure everyone else is while in a German forest. Nice.” While standing beside Sarah, they both looked in the same direction.

One user commented, “Happy for u bro, seeing u with your girl,” the other one stated that it looked like a nice place for a proposal.

The post that Arnas made with his partner has already crossed the 3 years mark. After that, she hasn’t appeared on his social platforms.

However, as per a 2020 article in Daily Express, he had been dating her for at least three years by then.

Furthermore, he has also already introduced her to his father and mother. Basically, they liked her more than him. And as per him, he had to spend the vacation all alone because they were so interested in Sarah that they forgot he was even there.

Well, the events in the past are meaningless without the present context. The pair aren’t seen together on their social media platforms. Additionally, the duo have also refrained from revealing their romantic life.

Arnas’ Girlfriend is Into Spirituality and Arts

Just like Arnas, his gorgeous lady is also a talented person. Sarah Warnaar was born in Groningen, Netherlands, and models for Touché Women, which is a modeling agency based in Amsterdam.

Sarah did post some eye-striking pictures in the past. Now, she has moved towards the artistic side of photography. The 45-year-old has involved herself in expressive boudoir photos.

The Dutch model is also into abstract art as she has created various paintings and contour line art of body shapes. She also receives commission work from her admirers.

Sarah Warnaar working on Canvas. [Photo: sarahwarnaarart/Instagram]

Additionally, she is also a poet and has shared various poems on her social media handle.

She has disciplined herself with yoga, meditation, and other healing practices. Sarah penned that she is on the Shamanic path but isn’t a shaman.

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Sarah Is Also a Mentor

Arnas’s girlfriend has mentored a lot of people in order to heal them. She has worked as a women’s and couples mentor and walks closely with her clients.

The lovely lady has provided tips to enhance one’s intimate life and demonstrated breathing exercises for individuals.

Sarah Warnaar teaches others about self-expression. [Photo: Sarah’s Instagram]

She has led them to the path of healing, empowerment, spiritual, emotional, and sexual expression and taught them to live as love. One grateful student of Sarah had stated that she was the greatest gift in her life.

Her student, Sonia, was content with the commitment, devotion, and love she offered. Sonia acknowledged her and felt honored to have her as a mentor.

In addition, Sarah has also created spaces for them to heal traumatic patterns and get back to their expressive self. The path in order to healing isn’t easy but is powerful and worthwhile.

The model has shared a composed tune, This Is The Tantra, on SoundCloud. She also provides free 12-minute embodiment practice in order to release blockages in the body.

Plus, Sarah runs an online temple named Haseya Group.

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As stated above, the duo of Sarah and Arnas no longer feature together on Instagram. So it is quite unknown if they are still together.

However, the actor and one of his co-stars, Mille Brady, AKA Camilla Brady, have been in many posts together throughout their social media platforms.

They have also mentioned one another in tweets and tagged each other from time to time.

Arnas Fedaravicus with Mille Brady. [Photo: Arnas’ Instagram]

However, the relationship between them isn’t confirmed as both of them have refrained from telling the public about their status.