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Madeleine Madden And Her Boyfriend: Have They Broken Up?

Bimal Waiba


Madeleine Madden shared a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Jack Rule. She used to gush about him on her social media.

However, their love story has taken a twist as Madeleine has stopped uploading about them on Instagram. For this reason, netizens wonder if they have broken up with each other.

When Did They Start Dating Each Other?

Madeleine Madden and Jack Rule’s first dating attributes remain vague, but she first uploaded a photo with him in December 2016. Their dating rumors became more solidified when she often featured him on her social feeds.

She was the one who showed more openness while sharing her love life with Jack. The beautiful lady once shared a social post with his picture and penned,” Working away and missing this guy a lot,” with a double heart emoji.

Their relationship was transparent to her fans, and it wasn’t a question of doubt. In addition, they even flaunted their relationship while attending the red carpet of the AACTAS Award in December 2017.

Madeleine Madden with her boyfriend Jake Rule
Madeleine Madden with her boyfriend, Jake Rule, at the AACTAS Awards. [Photo: Instagram]

The love birds Madeleine and Jack used to stick to each other for most of the time. From spending time on the beach to hiking and squealing at buffalos, she used to update on social networking sites.

Also, it cannot be denied that both were madly in love, and fans witnessed it through Madeleine’s social media. On the lovely occasion of Valentine’s Day, she shared a post accompanied by a sweet caption. The Tidelands actress wrote, “Happy V Day Love You.”

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Are They Still Together?

The queries of Madeleine Madden and Jack Rule’s break up started arising when she stopped posting about them on Instagram. The general public was curious due to the sudden disappearance of the once lovey-dovey couple on social platforms.

In addition, Madeleine hasn’t addressed the topic of her breakup with Jack Rule, nor has she posted anything with him since December 2019.

The beautiful actress is currently claimed to be single, as per WDW. Yet, no concrete details are available to support this claim. As a result, her relationship status continues to remain shrouded in uncertainty.

Also, it had already been over three years since Madeleine hasn’t mentioned Jack in her posts or posted pictures on social media.

So, now, people are guessing that they must have ended their relationship and moved on. But Madeleine and Jakc are tight-lipped and haven’t spoken about it.

She is not rumored to be sharing a romantic relationship with anyone. The Pipe Gap is focused on her uprising acting career with three upcoming acting projects.

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Who Is Madeleine Madden’s Partner, Jack?

Madeleine’s partner, Jack Rule, has stayed low-key and has even kept his Instagram account private. He seems to be preferring to keep his personal life away from the limelight.

Madeleine Madden ex-boyfriend Jack Rule
Madeleine Madden’s ex-boyfriend, Jack Rule. [Photo: Instagram]

He studied at Marcellin College Randwick and graduated in 2011. Furthermore, Rule did his undergrad at the University of Sydney.

Speaking of his profession, Rule works as Grand Wizard in The Music and Booze Company, a platform that manages and organizes music events. He is even associated with street party organizers King Street Carnival as a Fluffer.

Furthermore, he previously worked at Retox Party Hostel and Grandio Party Hostel. He appears to be doing well at his work.