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Is Annabelle Dexter-Jones In a Relationship? Was She Married?

Himal Ale Magar


Annabelle Dexter-Jones was once in a relationship with André Saraiva. Their pair were featured alongside Caroline Walker in Maison Maison Kitsuné’s photo shoot in 2012.

Annabelle Dexter-Jones [Photo: Instagram]

Her ex-boyfriend André Saraiva is a renowned hotelier, graffiti artist, and club impresario. The foxy André and Annabelle met for the first time during a photo shoot for Jalouse.

Annabelle’s Relationship With André Saraiva

From international nightlife impresario to Parisian street artist, Annabelle’s ex-boyfriend had a knack for adding charm to anything he touched.

André’s ex-girlfriend Annabelle is the daughter of Foreigner Mick Jones. She finally succumbed to the charm of André a year after their initial meet-up in 2008.

Annabelle, who was an aspiring actress at the time, started working with her ex-boyfriend on his latest project, The Shoe.

Annabelle Dexter-Jones In The Short Movie The Shoe [Photo: Youtube]

According to the report by Nowness, the couple bonded together as they knew most about each other. When asked what was the most treasured possession Annabelle had, André responded that it was a silver frame with a washed-out photo of her and her dad.

Similarly, Annabelle said that the brass knuckles André received from his friend Dash Snow were his most treasured possession.

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Was Annabelle Dexter-Jones Married To André Saraiva?

Despite being in a relationship for over a year, the couple did not engage or tie the knot. They enjoyed the relationship and had not shared any plans or announcements.

The two were renowned for having fun and hosting rowdy parties. On one such occasion, Annabelle Dexter-Jones and André Saraiva hosted a party in September 2011.

Sadly, the couple broke up in 2012 after settling with André Saraiva in the summer of 2010. After her break up with André, Annabelle kept a low profile even at her half-sister Charlotte’s 2013 show.

Annabelle Dexter-Jones Ex-Boyfriend André Saraiva [Photo: Instagram]

As per the report by New York Daily News, an on-looker said, “She didn’t want to talk to anyone.”

“She looked like she had been crying and kept to herself,” they added. The actress even skipped the after-party at the Empire Hotel.

Besides, the reason for their break up was not made public. So, it’s hard to assume if the fall-out between them was caused by personal reasons or something else.

Is Annabelle’s Relationship Rumor With Dan Colen True?

After her breakup with André Saraiva, Annabelle remained low-key for some years. Eventually, the actress started dating contemporary artist Dan Colen.

PageSix reported, “Every woman in New York wanted to date him because he’s also a farmer.” Dubbed the bad boy of post-pop New York, Dan Colen has a 40-acre farm in Pine Plains, New York.

Contemporary Artist Dan Colen [Photo: Youtube]

Annabelle and Dan were spotted together during Fashion Week at Tom Ford’s show. Additionally, the two were seen together at the former Four Seasons Restaurant.

However, despite making numerous public appearances, the information regarding their relationship remained a mystery. Moreover, it’s unknown if Annabelle broke up with Dan or if she is still in a relationship at the moment.

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Get To Know Annabelle Dexter-Jones

The star of the HBO series Succession is a filmmaker, designer, and model. Apart from her acting career, Annabelle has done modeling and designed clothes, according to Town & Country Mag.

Further, she made her directorial debut in 2017 with a short film, which was titled Cecile on the Phone.

The actress grew up in Manhattan and came from a family of artists. Her mother, Ann Dexter-Jones, is a jewelry designer and a socialite. Whereas her father, Mick Jones, is the lead guitarist of the rock band Foreigner.

Annabelle Dexter-Jones [Photo: Instagram]

She described her upbringing as a choice. She said there was never a dull moment growing up in an interview with W Magazine.

Besides, she is related to fashion designer Charlotte Ronson and Mark Ronson, a Grammy-winning producer. Before getting married to her father, Annabelle’s mother was married to real estate entrepreneur Laurence Ronson.