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Is Zacardi Cortez Married? A Peek into His Family Life with Two Kids

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American musician Zacardi Cortez is a proud dad of two sons, whom he welcomed with two different women. But is he married to anyone of them?

Zacardi, who rarely talks about his personal life, prefers to remain mum about his love life. While he did say he was not married as of June 2019, has that changed now?

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Welcomed Two Kids with Different Partners

In an interview with KD Bowe Show in June 2019, the musician revealed that he was not married. Other than that, he has not really opened up about his love life.

But, as mentioned earlier, he welcomed two sons with two baby mamas. His first son is Tye Cortez, whom he welcomed with Toni Richardson, a cosmetologist, in February 2007.

Not much is known about Toni and Zacardi’s relationship. She currently lives in Pearland, Texas, where she owns a cosmetic shop.

She recently celebrated the 16th birthday of her kid in February 2023. “16 years of being able to say I have the dopest kid ever,” she penned on his Birthday post.

Richardson stated her son’s future looked bright, and she was excited to see what God had in store for him.

Zacardi Cortez with his sons [Photo: Instagram]

After he split with her, the musician found love again. Later he got together with Tracina Morris, a real state agent. The couple welcomed a son Chase Cortez in October 2010.

He turned 13 in 2023, and Morris shared her son’s picture on Instagram and wished him a happy birthday in 2022.

Zacardi Cortez with his son and current partner [Photo: Instagram]

“Omg I have a 12 year old. Wishing my favorite person a Happy Birthday,” she composed. She thanked him for all the singing around the house, random dance performances, and for being the funniest kid she knew.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you, Superstar, but I’m the luckiest mother on earth. I love you,” she wrapped up the caption.

Cortez and Richardson Are Co-parenting Well

Even though Zacardi and Richardson have separated, they are still co-parenting well. They have done their best on their part to raise their son well.

Richardson shared a short video combination of pictures dropping a sweet background song. In the post, she mentioned that, as a mom, it was hard to watch a baby boy start to transition into manhood.

“You question if you have done enough, is he ready for the world Is he prepared,” she penned. Richardson professed that it could be scary, but leading with love was the key.

She composed, “Making sure Im doing my part of corse his dad as well. But this is a mommy post so making sure I’m no longer seeing a baby boy and that I’m leading a young man is different but worth it.”

She was grateful that God gave her the responsibility and thanked God for giving her the greatest gift of all, the honor of being the mother of Tye.

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Cortez Said Richardson Was the Best

It’s clear that the musician has good bonding with Richardson.

When Zacardi’s son Tye posted Richardson’s picture on the post wishing her on Mother’s Day, he commented, “Shes the best.”

Further continuing on the post, Tye thanked his mother for being someone he could always look up to.

Zacardi Cortez’s previous partner Toni Richardson [Photo: Instagram]

Further, he stated, “I’m who I am today because of you, Mom. I love you happy Mother’s Day.”

Likewise, when Chase wished Morris on Mother’s Day in 2022, Zacardi left a comment with a few heart emojis. All in all, he seems to have maintained a good relationship with both of them.